Dumbfoundead – We Might Die Review

This mixtape is a good showing for both Dumbfoundead and battle rappers everywhere. While some of the songs miss the mark, this is still a solid project to help show that battle rappers can make good music.

The production is pretty good, with some not quite making as big a splash as might be necessary. However while a tiny handful fall slightly short, the others hit their mark exactly, working well with Dumbfoundead’s style as well as stand alone beats. Maybe something with a slower pace would show a bit more diversity, and while not perfect, this is a great start in mainstream beat picking.

The lyricism is great with Dumbfoundead showing how he became a staple name in the battle rap world. His clever lyricism works well with his imagery and shows that he can translate his rhymes to a beat with only minimal discomfort. Some changes in pace and flow could help with the variety portion, but Dumbfoundead should catch more peoples attention with this release.

The features are great as they show how other people pay attention to the battle rap world. Each puts in a good effort for their verse and shows their own skills, while challenging each other to do better. Maybe some singing could help expand the potential audience but Dumbfoundead can always explore that on any upcoming project.

Overall, this project is important for the culture the world over to help bring battle rap more to the foreground of mainstream attention. Dumbfoundead shows he has immense talent and will only improve further after this release.

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