808INK – Hungry Review

This project is interesting because it doesn’t appear to fall into any particular sub-genre of rap. There are some clear influences but also a drive to be something different from everyone else.

The production is amazing with a good amount of kicking bass to keep the project rolling. It definitely isn’t grime and is not your traditional UK hip hop but is energetic and enjoyable. It is refreshing to see a group try to do something different from everyone else without needing to use crazy and unappealing noises.

The lyricism is clever without going over peoples heads. The rhymes can get lost a little in the bass but the annunciation is clear to assist in the understanding.  This is a good performance and there are no slacking verses, but maybe a little more changes in flow and pace would help show a more complete ability.

The features are good and help keep this project cohesive with new voices. Each does a good job showing their own skills and giving comparison points between themselves and the group. The guests might be a bit more balanced with some more singers, but there is a good selection here.

Overall, this is a great showing from a group trying to be different and individual, carving a path for themselves. Lets hope the infrastructure is available in the hip hop music industry to allow this talented group to come into the public eye.

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