Childish Gambino – “Awaken, My Love!” Review

This release is not a rap release, but it is extremely enjoyable. Childish Gambino explores his talents away from rap and pours more soul into the tracks.

The production is great with the backings being smooth with unusual sounds to make them fresh and interesting. Each beat is individual and is easy listening, with no effort to get through the whole project. Some more hip hop style beats could open this up to his previous audiences, but he makes some great choice son this.

The lyricism is enjoyable but is not so complex as the singing ability takes precedent. His singing is actually good but his voice is not so powerful, which would explain why he allows it to flow and mix with the backings so much. While this is effective, it would be nice to hear him use what he is already known for to his fans to keep his core audience listening.

Overall, with no features on the project, this is an experimental leap for Childish Gambino as he aims to end 2016 on a high. this is a great non-rap album that is smooth and easy listening.

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