Black Milk And Nat Turner – Sunday Outtakes Review

This release is an instrumental collection of six small tracks that are somewhere between easy listening jazz and scattered sounds. There is a song for every occasion, but it is not as cohesive as one might wish it to be.

The actual beats are sporadic in length and in goal. Each one is different from the others but for some that means they are smooth and others are a variety of noise and sounds that accompany the title of improvised jazz. While that could be what they were going for, it breaks up the cohesiveness of the album.

Some attempts at lyricism may have helped to save that cohesiveness, but might not have created the project the artists wanted to make. The title suggests that these are not the beats they wanted for a full length release but were good enough to see the light of day. Hopefully they are working on something in the future that will have words to pull it together.

Overall, this release is hopefully a taster of things to come, but with some more substance. Both Black Milk and Nat Turner should learn from this release and power on to a full length release, but please have lyrics in it.

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