Isaiah Dreads – Lone Wolf EP Review

This release shows that Isaiah Dreads knows how to rap and how to make a range of songs, despite this being only four tracks. He makes some bold claims about how talented he is, but this is a step in the right direction.

The production is good as each song creates the correct atmosphere that Dreads is going for. As this is such a short EP, it is impossible to know how good an ear for production that Dreads has, but he has selected a handful here that he can work with very well. On a longer release it would be interesting to see if he can keep his quality of beat this high.

The lyricism is solid, propped up by his fast pace delivery. His wordplay is not the most complex, but he does have some clever wordplay that is accentuated by the energy in his flow. Maybe trying to add a few more lyrical devices into his bars rather than trying to fill all the available space could bring in a larger audience.

Overall, this is a small taster of what he could release and hopefully will. Isaiah Dreads could be the next big thing in the UK scene, but he needs to put out some more tracks so people can sit up and take notice.

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