Yung Lean – Frost God Review

This is a relaxed and chilled out project that doesn’t last very long but gets the job done. Yung Lean makes a slow burner that has some replay value, but is not quite seem finished.

The production is not slow paced and yet makes you want to relax. Each song shares elements, but is individual in its own right. Some more positive quick pace might show another side of Yung Lean, but may not fit in with the title of the project.

The lyricism is more slow paced with some inclination towards singing and autotune, but still with some impact. While it is not the most complicated wordplay out there, it fits well with the beats to keep the chill factor on. Something faster could show a more complete talent, but Yung Lean makes some songs here that shows he can make some good tracks.

The features are a good selection to help booster the songs. Each puts in good effort, showing their own skills while pushing Yung Lean to excel further at his craft. On a longer project, more guests could help keep the momentum going, but there is a good number on this release.

Overall, this is a solid release for Yung Lean and helps to put more relaxed music on the map. Yung Lean should be happy with how this has turned out and look to the future to make a more substantial project.

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