67 – Glorious Twelfth Review

This is a very interesting release from one of UK rap’s hottest collectives. Each member holds their own as well as showing amazing chemistry as a group.

The production is great with a lot of influences coming from the Chicago drill rap scene. With a lot of energy running through the whole thing, each song has similarities, but is individual enough not to be confused for another. Something further form the formula would help show a more balanced project, but this selection works great for the purpose.

The lyricism is great with plenty of wordplay and each rapper has their own flow. Every bar is effective, with some relying more heavily on delivery than maybe they should. A few additional devices might help bolster this, but it is certainly effective at the level it is now.

Overall, with the five rappers here not needing features to add extra voices, this is definitely worth a spin. Everyone involved with this should be very happy with how it has turned out and should garner themselves a wider audience.


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