Prof – Pookie Baby Review

This is a nice addition to Prof’s catalog and shows a fair amount of versatility on his part. While Prof does well when rapping he has a lot more memorable hooks to help give an extra edge to his performance.

The production is great and actually really helps to pull the project together. It is energetic and captures the essence of the tracks perfectly. Maybe something slower could give a slightly more rounded listen, but might ruin the cohesiveness of the tracks.

The lyricism is great, with Prof doing a lot of verbal acrobatics and trying his hand at singing too. While his wordplay is good, his delivery helps to elevate it to another level. With his diversity with these performances, there is no problem with Prof on this project.

The features really help to build the tracks they are on. The tracks in question tend to be the more emotional where extra voices are needed to show other sides of the story. Some other rappers could show how Prof works in a more competitive environment, but this selection works well for the songs they are on.

Overall, this release shows that Prof can and is still putting out quality music. Hopefully this release will help put him in more peoples headphones.

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