Denzel Curry -TA13OO Review

This is a great release by a rapper who should be making even more waves than he already is. Denzel Curry displays a lot of talent on this project and hopefully a lot of people sit up and take notice.

The production is haunting but energetic which, as odd a combination as that seems, works out very well. These beats leave plenty of space for Curry to manouvre and exercise his talents. Maybe something a little further form the formula would be good, but this is definitely a strong selection.

The lyricism is fantastic. Denzel Curry does a lot of smart wordplay, bolstered by his delivery that makes every track on here entertaining. There are no issues with Curry’s performance but it would be interesting to see how he would handle a more radio friendly record.

The features all do a great job of adding fresh voices onto this album. All really show how talented they are, as well as helping keep this project cohesive. Maybe some higher profile guests could make a few more interesting moments, but the people on here are a smart choice for this album.

Overall, this is a fantastic release for Denzel Curry. He makes a lot of good choices on it and the way the album was rolled out over a few days helped people appreciate the tracks more as a result.

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