Blackalicious – Imani Vol 1 Review

This is a very enjoyable album with a good mixture of great production and complex lyricism. Both members of Blackalicious have done a great job on thier fields which combined with thier chemistry to make a really stand out project.

The production is fantastic and captures the tone of the content perfectly. Each of the beats is individual and does not run into any other. At the end of some somgs, there are powerful skits to add a stronger message to the tracks. There are no issues with the backing on here, but it would be interesting to see what Gab would do over different beats.

The lyricism s complex and fast paced to make very entertaining rhymes. Gab does a fantastic job of wrapping clever and witty ideas around intense wordplay to make songs with an important message that are hugely entertaining. There are no issues with this lyrical display and it has been shown to stand the test of time from previous projects.

The features do a good job of adding more depth to the album. Each does a good job on the track they are on while enhancing the Blackalicious vibe. Maybe some more varied guests could widen thier audiance, but the chemistry on this works very well.

Overall, this is a great album that will have listeners wanting the next two installments to come out sooner than planned. Both members of Blackalicious should continue to keep working with the ideas that mad ethis to keep thier success going.

Nike Metcon 1 Training Shoe Review

This is a great shoe for most forms of exercise, but may be a touch tight for some peoples taste. While it has a great lockdown, it hugs the shoe very tightly and if you have a wide foot, it may be a bit too tight to be comfortable.

The outsole has great traction while being applicable to a range of activities and exercising. The grip runs slightly up the side of the outsole shank to assist in climbing and other similar activities. There is also a touch of the Nike Free technology to allow more flexibility in the forefoot.

Flywire technology is present yet again to help hold the laces in place and keep the shoe close to the foot to prevent loss of energy. There is also a heel loop to assist in getting the shoe on and off as the tight fitting upper may be difficult to put on otherwise.

The materials used allow a lot of breathability. There are also some air holes to allow more air to circulate and to allow the wearer to stop overheating while training.

Overall, this is a great shoe that can be comfortable to wear if you follow the sizing guide. Even when followed, the sizing guide does not take into account if you have a wide foot. If in doubt order a half size larger than normal to be safe without losing a large amount of lockdown.

Cap 1 – Bird Bath EP Review

This is a nice short project for Cap 1 to show his skills in a controlled setting and under his control. This EP shows that Cap has some good skills on the mic as well as choosing the beats to fit in with his rap persona.

The production is good and fits in with Cap 1’s style very well and very tightly. Each beat is distinctly different from the rest that it each has a very different feel which lets Cap go through a whole range of flows and feelings, although most aggressive and unfeeling. This helps the project be diverse and a good backing for Cap to work over.

The lyricism is alright but the content is the focus here. Some of the wordplay is clever but the impact of what Cap is saying is much more important as his delivery and his performance on the tracks are great and take the average things he is saying and turn them into a good song.

No features on this project was a good idea as with so few tracks, Cap wants to be the main focus of the listeners attention, which he does very well. By being the commanding force on each track, he takes control of everything that is happening and shows that he can put together a good song.

Overall, this short collection of tracks is a good starting point for Cap 1 to build on and become more of a household name. A longer project and some features would be the next step to show that Cap knows what makes a good full length project.