DJ Mustard – 10 Summers: The Mixtape Volume One Review

This mixtape, while being cohesive and extremely replayable, does have a slight downside. That being that while DJ Mustard does a great job on the backing, the actual talent from his roster can come across as very similar to each other in ability and style.

The production is excellent and definately has the DJ Mustard signiture sound all over it. All the beats are really smooth and flow together without merging. There is pretty much no improvements to make to the production on here as DJ Mustard crafts near perfection.

The features do a good job fleshing out these tracks but there are a lot of similarities in the recurring guests. All of them bring good verses that are diverse enough to be enjoyable, however thier style and lyrical prowess all tend towards the same things which is not in your face obvious, but it does show itself to be true.

Overall, this is an entertaining and laidback listening experiance with DJ Mustard showcasing not only his beat making prowess, but what his record label is capable of. His crew bring a good skill level to this mixtape to take forward to thier own projects.

Young Buck – 10 Bullets Review

This is more of the same Buck listeners have been getting recently, with his reunion with G-Unit creating more cohesive works. While this does make more interesting tracks recently, Buck appears to be stagnating and needs to push on to fresher grounds to keep more of the public eye on him.

The production is good but comes across as knock offs of other production. There is a lot of producers out there with signature sounds and the beats on this simply come across as someone trying to impersonate others style. Buck may need to find some beats that are out of his comfort zone to make some more interesting tracks.

The lyricism is alright but Buck uses his delivery and unique vocal tone to make his performance even better. While his actual wordplay is average to good, the way he channels his passion and aggression into his bars boosts how they come across to the listener. Some more complex and frequent rap techniques would be the only way to improve the lyricism.

Overall, this is an enjoyable and entertaining listen and, while it may not have a lot of replay ability, has some great tracks on there. Buck is on a tear recently and should continue this work ethic to become an even greater force in Hip Hop.

Astroid Boys – CF10 Review

This is a good, cohesive album from Astroid Boys that will help show that the UK has some great MCs. Asteroid Boys have some good beat selection and use thier lyrical skills to great effect to make some interesting tracks.

The production is grimy and works well with the flow of the rappers. Some tracks are easier to listen to than others as the sounds used can be jarring and don’t flow smoothly through each song. Maybe some more beats that are a bit smoother would help to create an easier listen through but these tracks are all enjoyable.

The lyricism is excellent and while it may not be considered elite, it is still pretty good. The wordplay is great and is a fantastic tool in the imagery of the album. A couple of tracks with some more experimentation with the delivery and flow may make some more interesting moments, however there is no denying that the lyrics on this project are excellent.

Overall, this is a great album for Astroid Boys and a great album for UK Emcees. While this is a short project at less than thirty minutes, it is still full of everything that makes a great Hip Hop project.