Yung Lean – Frost God Review

This is a relaxed and chilled out project that doesn’t last very long but gets the job done. Yung Lean makes a slow burner that has some replay value, but is not quite seem finished.

The production is not slow paced and yet makes you want to relax. Each song shares elements, but is individual in its own right. Some more positive quick pace might show another side of Yung Lean, but may not fit in with the title of the project.

The lyricism is more slow paced with some inclination towards singing and autotune, but still with some impact. While it is not the most complicated wordplay out there, it fits well with the beats to keep the chill factor on. Something faster could show a more complete talent, but Yung Lean makes some songs here that shows he can make some good tracks.

The features are a good selection to help booster the songs. Each puts in good effort, showing their own skills while pushing Yung Lean to excel further at his craft. On a longer project, more guests could help keep the momentum going, but there is a good number on this release.

Overall, this is a solid release for Yung Lean and helps to put more relaxed music on the map. Yung Lean should be happy with how this has turned out and look to the future to make a more substantial project.

A$AP Mob – Cozy Tapes, Vol 1: Friends Review

This project definitely has the cohesive feel that comes with people who are close making music. It is a shame that a lot of the songs are in the same vein, but they are done well.

The production is good and really punctuates the rhymes with the amount of emotions somehow crammed in. Each beat has a lot of similarities, which can often happen with total in house production, but they are all effective in getting the energy across. A few more variations on the beats wouldn’t hurt but all the backings are still very much enjoyable.

The lyricism is entertaining and the different delivery of each Mob member helps keep things fresh as the project plays out. A lot of solid bars are scattered throughout the album, but there is the odd miss step which is quickly covered up with another rhyme. A bit more consistency would make this flow just a little easier.

The features are good with some big names keeping things moving. Each puts in a good verse or uses their signature talents to bring their own flavour to the songs. Some singing could lighten up this project full of deeper tones and noises.

Overall, this project is a good showing of each of the members abilities and how well they work together. It will be interesting to see how they progress with future endeavours.

Sheep Louch – Silverback Gorilla 2 Review

This album is a great balance of street content but with more of a refined sound. Sheep Louch has grown musically and it shows on this project.

The production is good with the raw power of street music but with the more refined radio sound that makes this easy to listen to. The beats are all cohesive and follow through well without blending well together. There are no problems with the selection of backings for this album.

The lyricism is good with Sheek using different techniques without a rapid pace to show that bars still exist in Hip Hop. The variation in his rhymes help give his lyrics an edge and make the songs more enjoyable. A few changes of flow could show a willingness to try new things but he knows what works well and does that fantastically.

The features help make this project even more cohesive and show the connections Sheek Louch has in the industry. Each brings a good verse that makes thier tracks more entertaining. There is a good balance of singing to rapping as well so there are no particular issues there.

Overall, this is a very listenable album that will have fans bumping it for a long time. Sheek Louch has done a really good job of putting this together and should be proud of this result.

Troy Ave – Major Without A Deal Review

This album is ruined by all the references to how successful he currently feels he is. However the arrogance displayed does not reflect his position in Hip Hop and this project may well have brought him down a stage.

The production is good and opens a variety of avenues for song content. Troy does try his hand at a variety of track types, but doesnt get into the groove of each beat to make the connections cohesive. While variety is good, he needs to limit it down to a beat selection he really gels with.

The lyricism is alright but the lack of substantial content really takes from the performance. Troy Ave does have some good things wrapped into his rhymes but the delivery and obsession with wealth take away from what could be some great songs. Troy needs to look into some new things to rap about if he wants to be an actual success.

The features are a mixture of cohesive guests to big name rappers who all do well on the tracks they feature on. All of them put in good effort and, while some do better than others, each shows they can be big in Hip Hop. Some features that dont fit the rap profile so much could have expanded the audiance for this project, but the guests on this are a good selection.

Overall, this could have been an enjoyable album but Troy Ave does not seem to care about how good the songs are as long as he can rap about money. He has a lot of work to do.

A$AP Ferg – Ferg Forever Review

This is a very confusing project. It attempts to show Ferg’s diversity and it does show what he can do on a number of different styles of beats, which it does. However, what needs to be speculated is how well he does on each track. Sometimes the song falls short of success but other time he shines through and the production fits well with the lyricism.

The production is good but does not all necessarily fit with Ferg’s style. There are many different types of beats on this project ranging in speed, instruments and pitch and each creates a different feel for each song. The only thing to take into consideration is that maybe Ferg stretched himself a bit thin with so many different types that it takes from the project as a whole.

The lyricism is there but is not a main factor in this mixtape. While it does play a role, Ferg changes his delivery and flow so many times that those changes become more of a focal point than the actual lyrics. While you can take the lyricism as a main focal point, and there is some really good lyricism mixed in there, it can become easy to lose yourself in the mixture of other project components.

The features can be good but can also be too similar to Ferg or each other to make too much of an impression. While for each track it may add to how good the track is, but overall doesn’t add to the project.

Overall, this could be a good project if you pick and choose the tracks you like, but if you listen to the project as a whole, it isn’t greatly cohesive and can be hard work to get through all the tracks.