A$AP Mob – Cozy Tapes, Vol 1: Friends Review

This project definitely has the cohesive feel that comes with people who are close making music. It is a shame that a lot of the songs are in the same vein, but they are done well.

The production is good and really punctuates the rhymes with the amount of emotions somehow crammed in. Each beat has a lot of similarities, which can often happen with total in house production, but they are all effective in getting the energy across. A few more variations on the beats wouldn’t hurt but all the backings are still very much enjoyable.

The lyricism is entertaining and the different delivery of each Mob member helps keep things fresh as the project plays out. A lot of solid bars are scattered throughout the album, but there is the odd miss step which is quickly covered up with another rhyme. A bit more consistency would make this flow just a little easier.

The features are good with some big names keeping things moving. Each puts in a good verse or uses their signature talents to bring their own flavour to the songs. Some singing could lighten up this project full of deeper tones and noises.

Overall, this project is a good showing of each of the members abilities and how well they work together. It will be interesting to see how they progress with future endeavours.

A$AP Ferg – Ferg Forever Review

This is a very confusing project. It attempts to show Ferg’s diversity and it does show what he can do on a number of different styles of beats, which it does. However, what needs to be speculated is how well he does on each track. Sometimes the song falls short of success but other time he shines through and the production fits well with the lyricism.

The production is good but does not all necessarily fit with Ferg’s style. There are many different types of beats on this project ranging in speed, instruments and pitch and each creates a different feel for each song. The only thing to take into consideration is that maybe Ferg stretched himself a bit thin with so many different types that it takes from the project as a whole.

The lyricism is there but is not a main factor in this mixtape. While it does play a role, Ferg changes his delivery and flow so many times that those changes become more of a focal point than the actual lyrics. While you can take the lyricism as a main focal point, and there is some really good lyricism mixed in there, it can become easy to lose yourself in the mixture of other project components.

The features can be good but can also be too similar to Ferg or each other to make too much of an impression. While for each track it may add to how good the track is, but overall doesn’t add to the project.

Overall, this could be a good project if you pick and choose the tracks you like, but if you listen to the project as a whole, it isn’t greatly cohesive and can be hard work to get through all the tracks.