Nike Kobe 10 Elite Basketball Shoe Review

This shoe may not be quite as aesthetically pleasing as the Kobe 9 Elite but it is more rugged and even more comfortable. The technology put into this makes this one of the most cutting edge pieces of footwear out there.

The Flyknit upper makes a return and helps to keep the shoe light and strong as the foot moves around inside. This combined with the high collar also help keep the shoe locked down to stop any loss of energy when moving. The collar is also stiffer than on the previous model which reduces comfort a tiny amount but really helps to keep the shoe stable.

The outsole has the same pattern as the regular model which provides great traction and great bounce. The Technology put in makes the movement in the shoe easy and effortless. The laces do all the way up to the top to stop the shoe moving around the foot and becoming uncomfortable.

Overall, this shoe is technologically advanced and contains a great deal of comfort points. This shoe is designed to give the wearer an edge and it has enough put into it to really help with that.

Nike Air Foamposite One Shoe Review

This is a relatively comfortable shoe that has become a staple of lifestyle footwear. Its unique aesthetic and its connection to basketball via Penny Hardaway has created a shoe that is known around the world and is going to stay that way.

The upper is a one piece hyperposite construction that is the focal point of this piece. The lines carved in it help the shoe hold onto the foot while providing another visually pleasing feature. However, it can be hard to bend at first when running around and while this eases up a bit over time, it does not become that flexible. This could be a hinderance in todays game.

The inside has a neo-prene sock sleeve for added comfort and it helps to give the shoe more wearability by forming to the foot to wear around. It can get fairly warm inside due to the liner but it is a small price to pay to make the shoe easier to wear. The tabs at the top help make the shoe easy to get on and off as well.

The outsole is great and has a good deal of traction while also being very noticable when seen. With Penny having his signiture icon on both the backtab and outsole, there is little doubt that this shoe helped him gain the fame he has aquired over his career.

Overall, this is an iconic shoe that has good reason to be loved by people all across the world. The uniqueness of the shoe combined with its legendary status in basketball mean that collectors, afficienados and the casual wearer all covet this shoe and they have every reason to.

Nike Kobe X Basketball Shoe Review

This is a great shoe thanks to all the technologies in it. The attention to detail is fantastic and has led to a shoe that has no obvious flaws

The upper is a breathable mesh that conforms quite well to the foot but unless you tighten the laces properly, it can cause pressure across your toes as it creases inwards.

The heel clip is sturdy and helps the shoe keep it’s shape, but can make the shoe difficult to get on and off. This is because it holds its shape a little too well and won’t bend to allow the foot in.

The Nike Zoom unit and the airbag in the back help to make this a comfortable to move around in. These also seem to help with leaping as it feels like it is pushing you out of the ground to give you extra height. Combined with the outsole, this makes for a great basketball shoe.

The outsole is the crowning jewel of this shoe as it has some of the best traction in the basketball game today. It starts with some Nike Free grooves to allow more motion in the foot. The is a tooth at the front to keep some shape when the Nike Free is in usage. There is also small nodules on the bottom of the shoe to cause traction. The nodules splay out to grip the floor like a race car’s wheels do. This is what leads to the superior traction.

Overall, this is a great shoe for basketball and is superior to most others in almost every way. The only possible flaw is that it is not as aesthetically pleasing to look at as the Kobe 9 Elite, but if they released a high, Flyknit edition, then that is taken care of.

Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Review

This is one of the most coveted Air Jordan shoes of all times and for good reason. They are very aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and very worth the money.

The overall look is a smart pair of trainers that in some colourways, could be worn with some suits. However they are still performance shoes that can be worn on and off the court and they look good on both.

The upper has two main sections. There is the Air Jordan ten-esque top and laces that flex with the foot for added comfort and style. There is also the perimeter of the top which is harder and shinier for a contrast, to provide support and to help the shoe keep its shape.

The sole is another contrasting piece. The grip is placed in the middle of the forefoot and the heel instead of running along the whole bottom of the shoe. The outsole shank is reminiscent of a pair of foamposites and adds yet another contrast to the overall piece. The main outsole then has a separate and different grip pattern to continue with the contrasts.

Overall, this is a very pleasing shoe to look at while the materials and design lead to a very comfortable shoe that doesn’t hug the shoe but is also quite tight on.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Review

Once it is worn in, this is a very comfortable pair of shoes. However up to that point they can be uncomfortable as they are of sturdy construction and need to be flexed a bit to become a bit more malleable and conform a bit more to the foot.

To start the silhouette is quite narrow to begin with so getting it on for the first time can be quite difficult. However this can be solved by loosening the laces, even though the laces can be tricky to loosen in the first place as they seem almost stuck in place. After a couple times of wearing them, this goes away a bit but they stay fairly stiff.

Even with this, when they are on, they are still comfortable and can be worn for a long time without getting sore feet. The high top is also helpful because it helps to support the ankle and is a little padded to give extra comfort. However the high top is one of the reasons the shoe can be tricky to get onto the wearer’s feet.

Overall, this is a comfortable shoe that takes some getting used to, but as a piece of Jordan Brand history coming up on its thirtieth anniversary, this could be a great buy. If your a collector, this is a must buy and if your a sneaker afficianado, the same applies.

Nike Lebron 12 review

These are very comfortable shoes. They give a lot of support and move freely with the foot as it moves. The hyperposite sides definitely help to keep the shoes shape and stop you rolling the sides when making quick cuts and assist in giving the shoe a unique aesthetic.

The sides rise up to support ankle and sides of the leg, but is low at the back to help putting the shoe on and taking it off and allowing a greater range of movement in the foot. The hyperposite sides help with the support and there is a pull tab on the back to make putting on and taking off the shoe even easier.

The upper is sturdy while still having a bit of wiggle room for the toes when moving around. This also helps with the breathability and helping to control the tempreture of the foot in the shoe, making the shoe more comfortable.

The sole is very special. It contains airbags, 5 in the front and one large in the back, that decrease the pressure on the foot with each step and make for a smoother ride. They also help by adding another unique point to the shoe to grab peoples attention.

Overall, this is a very comfortable pair of shoes and will really help to up your game. They are performance shoes with extreme comfort that are the currant ultimate in comfort performance wear.

Nike Air Command Force Review

These shoes are extremely comfortable. The construction is solid and there is plenty of ventilation if your wearing them for a long time. The materials are supple for when the foot moves, however the toe box is large and creases fairly easily. The air bag works well for the cushioning and makes each step very easy and light, despite the size of the shoe.

The high top offers a lot of ankle protection for the wearer while still being comfortable. The padding on it is not intrusive while wearing it, but can make the ankle hot by cutting off an air flow with no top vents. The other thing is that the top is very squeaky while walking but this could mostly be because of the air pump.

The air pump works fantastically to increase and decrease the level of support inside the shoe. By pumping air in via the pump at the top of the ankle, air bags placed around the back of the shoe inflate and press closer to the foot of the wearer to decrease the level of slip on the inside. To decrease the support, there is a button on the back of the shoe that lets you push the air out again. This is a fantastic point of the shoe.

Overall, this is a fantastic shoe that is comfortable, head turning and supportive. If you want a shoe that will support the whole ankle area and not just the foot, this is the choice. If you want a shoe with a special focal point, the air pump, then this is the shoe for you. It has deep roots in basketball history and should be a must have due to the shoes having being worn in “White Men Can’t Jump” by Woody Harrelson.