G-Unit – The Beast is G-Unit Review

This is an enjoyable effort and should be seen as the other half of thier album when put together with thier previous EP “The Beauty of Independance”. It is still a cohesive listen but is of a more street level, much like thier debut album.

The production is great and comes across as very polished while being energetic and somewhat menacing in places. The sounds used combined with the nature of the songs help to make a set of songs that show each of the members showcasing thier rap style and how well they can rap over production of this quality.

The lyricism is great by some members but not so by others. However they all have powerful delivery and this helps make up for any lyrical shortcomings that may be found on this EP. It is possible that some more lyrical devices would improve this project but not by much as it is only six songs that all combine together well without too much lyrical input.

There aren’t any features which is good because there are five members of G-Unit and only six track on this EP. Any guests would have taken away valuable time from one of the members which would have made this project much less cohesive to listen to.

Overall, this is a good effort from G-Unit, but these batches of six songs need to be part of a longer project forthe world  ton see that the group can consistently churn out good music and can structure it into a full length release. It also couldn’t hurt to try a feature or two to see if the members can work with others outside the group.

Young Buck – Before The Beast Review

This is a good project for Buck to get back into the driving seat of his own projects and he does a good job bringing his energy and aggression to another project.

The production is good and compliments Buck’s style very well. The atmosphere on each track is a dark and gritty street level with some high life thrown in. Each song has enough differences in it to keep things interesting and on a short project like this, that is very important.

The lyricism is alright but the main focus is content and how catchy each track is. While some of it is clever wordplay and schemes, most of the entertainment value is around hooks that get stuck in your head and the street level content. If Buck included more lyrical devices in his raps, he may be able to entice a wider audience.

The features put in good efforts and help to create a cohesive listening experience. All of them put in good efforts and are enjoyable to listen to while bringing new perspectives to their tracks.

Overall, this is an entertaining listen but can lack substance. If he can put some more universal content instead of gritty street raps, he could start rising back into the ranks of popular rappers.

Future – Beast Mode Review

This is more of the same Future that we get on each project and track that we get from here. The difference here is the production from Zaytoven combined with his chemistry with Future makes these very cohesive and well blended tracks that are of a more enjoyable quality than normal.

Zaytoven does very well with the production to keep it interesting while allowing Future to take a front seat. The sounds used and the tempo make this energetic and fluid project easy to listen to and actually pretty fun. The way each song transitions into the next would make it seem like one long track if the beats weren’t differentiated the way they are.

The lyricism is alright but Future focuses on autotune delivery to make these tracks more interesting. The lyrics dont seem to be as important to Future as the level of autotune as there is a lot of repetition on these tracks. If he tried to be more original and tried shaking up his approach to music, Future may go a lot further in the Hip Hop business.

The feature does well to alleviate the repetitive nature of autotune and content by adding a new angle and delivery to the whole project. Although there is only one feature on one track, Juvenile does good work in putting in the verse that bumps this project up a few ranks in the ratings.

Overall, this is an alright project for Future but a great one for Zaytoven. Future needs to re-evaluate his approach to a track while Zaytoven needs to keep putting in work like this and he will get more recognition.

DMX – Redemption Of The Beast Review

While there has been some discussion about whether this is a legitimate DMX album, the chemistry he displays is on the tracks is still good and shows that he hasn’t missed a step. While he may not have been behind putting this album out, it is none too shabby and there are some great tracks on it.

The production is good overall but it would be good to hear more gritty, energetic and street beats. Some of the tracks on here have that formula when DMX is at his strongest, but there are a lot of tracks where DMX doesn’t sound at his best or sounds out of place over the backing. With some minor track list adjustments to include more energy and less emotions, while some are necessary, this would be a great project.

The lyricism is definitely there and DMX keeps his style rugged and raw like his greatest hits have all been. DMX uses his wordplay and rap skill to show that he is no lyrical slouch while keeping it true to the streets. Keeping it clever but dirty helps to make the tracks more interesting to listen to as well as interesting to a wider audience than if he picked only one of them.

The features are good and help to show a more complete album than if DMX was to go it alone. With others there to complement his particular style, the album has more depth with the features added and they each bring their own edge to the album. No one disappoints with their contributions and this actually helps DMX sound like the top dog he is in the Rap game.

Overall, this is a good album, even if it is not endorsed by the main artist himself. While some of the tracks are a disappointment, overall, they tie together ok and with DMX’s style boosts that up to good or the lower levels of great. If this is what he produces when he doesn’t consider this an album, a project he is fully behind will be beyond great.