Termanology – Bad Decisions Review

This release shows that Termanology has grown as a man as well as a lyricist. His story telling ability on here creates a good listen through for a cautionary tale.

The production is very interesting, with a lot of unusual sounds creating a haunting and somewhat offbeat backing to Termanology’s tracks. They give off an almost off putting vibe that helps generate a good atmosphere for the content. Something a little lighter might liven things up, but that would ruin the point of an album called Bad Decisions.

The lyricism is strong throughout the whole album. Termanology flexes his verbal muscles to fill his songs with details and wordplay, helping his story feel more real to the listener. He has a solid delivery as well, but it might be exciting to see him play around with it a little more than he has in the past.

The features all do great work at building on Termanology’s messages. All the guests show what they are capable of, while simultaneously reinforcing what he is saying. With no weak picks, the only way to improve the features would be some more singers, but that might not have given the correct feel for this album as a whole.

Overall, this album is a must for Termanology fans, but it may not attract many new fans due to the content and how far it seems from most pop music. Termanology should still be pleased with this work as most hip hop heads should be able to appreciate his work on here.

Westside Gunn – Supreme Blientele Review

This release does show growth from Westside Gunn as well as a touch more versatility. There is still room to try new things and experiment a little more, but there is no doubt that Gunn is in for big success here.

The production is great, with a lot of haunting backings that Gunn excels over, as well as some softer moments to peel back a few more layers of his psyche. The only issue here is that with the delivery of the main artist, the beats sometimes overpower the lyrics and make it hard to hear. On the other hand, this does prove the backings are strong enough to stand on their own and are a good selection to work with.

The lyricism is great and Westside Gunn really shows why he is a rising star of the rap game. He has a great grasp of strong wordplay which really plays into all his songs. It would be interesting to see more changes in his flow to help make a couple of exciting moments, but his delivery works well for the lyrics he spits.

The features all do a good job of expanding the play through with fresh voices and styles. It is great to see him still working well, and having great chemistry with, his label mates, who all show their own considerable skills. The addition of a few big names in hip hop also shows how Gunn has made connections in the rap world.

Overall, this is a great release from one of the rising lyricists in hip hop. Westside Gunn should take all this experiance forward as he prepares for his first major label debut.

Trust Gang – The Trust Tape 2 Review

This is a step up from thier first project and was a very polished result. All the rappers have stepped thier game up and the production is a lot smoother.

The production is moving in the right direction for the group and helps to show that this group knows how to move forward in thier careers. The way the tracks flow together and yet dont blend together is a great feat in itself. Each song has its own feel and atmosphere that helps to show what Trust Gang are capable of. Some more high energy, club beats could help show a little more diversity, however what they have going here is still good.

The lyricism is definately improved as shown by some accapella tracks. The wordplay has become more complex while still making sense to most listeners and the rap techniques are thoroughly ingrained through almost every bar of the mixtape. There aren’t a lot of problems with the lyrics in this project and every member should be commended on thier efforts.

The features are good on this but they do not quite live up to the Trust Gang members performances. They put in good effort but their verses are simply not as enjoyable as the main artists. If they had tried to make themselves stand out more, than this could have improved the tracks they are on.

Overall, this project is a statement that Trust Gang are heading forward in the rap game and know how to make songs that people will want to listen to. If they make some radio ready tracks, then they could really start gaining some traction.