Black Cobain – No Buzz Review

This is a strange project as, for what it aims to be, it is good. But Cobain could aim higher and have achieved more. If Cobain set his mind on a higher target, he may well reach it.

The production is gritty and unrefined which lets Cobain into the style of rap he enjoys using. The atmosphere created by the beats is exactly what each track is trying to say and each blends well into the next without feeling like the same track. Cobain has a good ear for what he wants from a track.

The lyricism is alright but Cobain won’t be sparring with the lyrical elite quite yet. While Black Cobain does use some rap techniques to great effect, he does not use the whole package to dominate the tracks. What he is using is good, if he tried to expand his variety of lyrical techniques, his projects would be more attractive to a Hip Hop audience.

The features are alright but there is nothing that majorly changes the tracks. Each feature puts in some good work but only to the extent that they have good verses without making the track seem any more enjoyable.

Overall, this is a good project that puts Black Cobain in a strong position, but is too centred on what it is trying to be. If he put some more effort in, this would be a fantastic project with more range. However it can still be enjoyed.

Boogz Boogetz – C.O.O.L 2 Review

This project does not do Boogz justice. The use of autotune is unnecessary in an artist of his nature and the hooks on this project are terrible. Boogz needs to sort out what part of Hip Hop he wants to expand into so as to grow accordingly.

The production is trying to be street but comes across as too light to be hugely effective. While Boogz isn’t the most dirty and gritty rapper out there, he does show that he is from that area. He should incorporate that into the tracks with the production to help make his music appeal to a wider audience.

The lyricism is alright but nothing to get overly excited about. While Boogz does involve some wordplay, he seems to be more focused on the message on each track rather than make the lyrics complex and layered. If Boogz attempted to increase his level of lyrical ability, he would help make his music more appealing to Hip Hop audiences.

The features are good but struggle to add anything to the project overall. They do show that Boogz can find rappers to work with him, but they are in the same lane as him, the one he is supposedly creating himself as the title would suggest. This means that the features put in good effort but fall flat when it comes to the atmosphere on the tracks.

Overall, this is a mediocre project that does not show Boogz Boogetz in the best light. He puts in good work but this project falls short of what could have been. More work is needed if Boogz wants to move up in the Hip Hop world, he will need to put out better projects than this.