Burgundy Blood – Suede Comet Review

This is an album filled with haunting sounds and dark lyrics. Burgundy Blood lives up to his name with this horrorcore Hip Hop album that is something different that takes the ears by surprise.

The production is full of sounds and noises that create an atmosphere that draws you in and feels like it is crushing you while you enjoy it. Each track does a great job of utilising exactly what the song needs to keep its haunting feeling while Burgundy Blood raps over it. Some more tracks with a more uplifting feeling may show that Burgundy Blood can be effective over all types of beats but that may not be in keeping with his style.

The lyricism is average but fits in well with what each track is saying. Burgundy Blood use metaphors very well and a few other lyrical devices but can not use a majority to really show his lyrical superiority. Filling his raps with more versatile rap techniques would make a better album.

The features are all good and put in some good efforts, but with some being used on several tracks, they can lose some of thier wow factor and become somewhat repetitive. If Burgundy Blood used some more varied features, it could create some more interesting tracks.

Overall, this is an album designed to be somber and a little scary. If that is what your in the mood for, then this is the album for you. Burgundy Blood could be an up and comer to watch if your a fan of the scarier side of Hip Hop.

Game – Blood Moon: Year of The Wolf Review

This is a fantastic project. It shows a lot of emotional depth as well as moments of fun and is all very cohesive. It is a very well layed out album. The only thing that could be seen as a blessing, in terms of bringing diversity to the album, or a curse in the sense that it detracts from the talent of the lead artist.

The lyricism is fantastic. It is poured on every track and is very good at helping to keep the listener interested in what the artists have to say. This is especially helpful since the album has tendencies to lean on heavy emotions to make powerful tracks. Game is especially adept at the lyricism but even the features have the ability to be lyrical, maybe not to the extent of Game but definitely somewhat.

The production is amazing. As a protégé of Dr Dre, production is very important to Game and he shows it in this near perfect choice of beats. It creates a very personal atmosphere with all its emotional talk and the backing rises and falls with how the listener should be feeling.

The features are many and but do add something to the LP. While Game can sometimes be lost in the sea of other voices, they are good for adding other opinions and reinforcement to the tracks they are featured on. Most of the others on this album are featured several times on different tracks which helps to show how they are good for more than one type of song, helping to build up Game’s imprint.

Overall, this is a great album for all fans of Hip Hop. It has most, if not all, elements of a great rap album and if this is the direction Game is headed in, his next album is going to be even closer to perfect.