Travis Porter – 3 Live Krew Review

This project is a very one track re-imagined into fifteen remakes. All the songs come across as single dimensional and it does not make for a lot of replay ability, with fifteen songs about women and what Travis does/will do to them does not make for stretched enjoyable listening.

The production is alright but can seem repetitive due to the lack of substantial content. The beats are not encapsulating but can be good for one listen if you need a bit of a pick me up. More beats that try to explore more messages in Hip Hop would improve this project by making it more rounded to the audiance.

The lyricism is alright but is too focused on one topic to be really impressive. While Travis does a good job of managing to write enough rhymes about that particular topic but it does not have a lot of lyrical acrobatics or much that is complex but it can be mildly entertaining on the first listen.

The features are also enjoyable the first time, but it can be stale as they are simply saying the same things as Travis. Each puts in some good effort that helps create some more creative verses but it is difficult to connect with. Possibly, some features from further a field than Hip Hop could make some more interesting songs, especially since these are repetitive.

Overall, this project shows that Travis Porter can make songs about women but he needs to expand his range and utilise his words more effectively. He has shown he can make a track for one audiance in Hip Hop but needs to be able to talk to more listeners.

Bleu Davinci – Angels And Demons Review

This is an enjoyable listen through and has the finishes of a studio album while catering to a mostly street audiance. Bleu should be congratulated on his ability to make a project this entertaining while keeping his individuality on every track.

The production is excellent and really helps to take this project to the next level. Every beat is smooth and diverse  so that on a full listen through, the listener experiances a lot of different tracks with a lot of different messages. It is possible that the balance could weigh in more emotional tracks but there is no denying that this is a good listen.

The lyricism is good and helps keep the project interesting. Bleu does a good job putting wordplay and other lyrical devices into his work and keeping it up through the whole mixtape. Bleu could have made his lyricism a bit more complex to attract a few more listeners but he does a great job putting the work and effort into every song.

The features are also good and help build on the success Bleu has on each track. All the guests put in a lot of effort on thier verses and come out with great results. Possibly a few more features from further a field and further from Bleu’s comfort zone would make a few more interesting moments, but there is no doubt that this is a good selection of people to be on the project.

Overall, this is a great project for listeners and for Bleu Davinci to enjoy. Everything comes together very well and there is nothing really wrong with it. Some small improvements, but nothing that can be shown as bad.

Young Buck – Before The Beast Review

This is a good project for Buck to get back into the driving seat of his own projects and he does a good job bringing his energy and aggression to another project.

The production is good and compliments Buck’s style very well. The atmosphere on each track is a dark and gritty street level with some high life thrown in. Each song has enough differences in it to keep things interesting and on a short project like this, that is very important.

The lyricism is alright but the main focus is content and how catchy each track is. While some of it is clever wordplay and schemes, most of the entertainment value is around hooks that get stuck in your head and the street level content. If Buck included more lyrical devices in his raps, he may be able to entice a wider audience.

The features put in good efforts and help to create a cohesive listening experience. All of them put in good efforts and are enjoyable to listen to while bringing new perspectives to their tracks.

Overall, this is an entertaining listen but can lack substance. If he can put some more universal content instead of gritty street raps, he could start rising back into the ranks of popular rappers.

2 Chainz, Cap 1, Skooly and Fresh (AKA Short Dawg) – T.R.U Jack City Review

This is a good compilation for the group to showcase their individual skill and the chemistry of the group. However it shows that 2 Chainz is not as accomplished as he believes.

The production is good and is diverse enough to allow a range of tracks, but not so much that it is complete when it comes to topics of songs. Most of this project is trap music that follows the same patterns and formulas on each beat, but there are a couple that expand their thoughts and allow a wider range of emotions and possibility.

The lyricism is alright but this project is mostly about street credibility and the reality of it. While there are some attempts at clever lyricism, this mixtape is mostly about making tracks that the street can bop to and can relate to. Mostly about drugs and women, the lyrics are made for delivery to make them powerful, but for that to be the case, some of the artists need to step their game up.

The features are alright but are all too much like the main artists to make much of an impact or add much to the tracks. With so many artists out there trying to make it big in rap, making songs that could have been made by anyone is not the way to stand out and the verses the features put out are mediocre. They need to try harder to make more of an impact.

Overall, this is a good compilation for the main artists who aren’t 2 Chainz to get more exposure, but there is a lot left to be desired and a lot of untapped potential. With some more effort and a higher level of diversity, this group could have some success in the music industry.

Cap 1 – Bird Bath EP Review

This is a nice short project for Cap 1 to show his skills in a controlled setting and under his control. This EP shows that Cap has some good skills on the mic as well as choosing the beats to fit in with his rap persona.

The production is good and fits in with Cap 1’s style very well and very tightly. Each beat is distinctly different from the rest that it each has a very different feel which lets Cap go through a whole range of flows and feelings, although most aggressive and unfeeling. This helps the project be diverse and a good backing for Cap to work over.

The lyricism is alright but the content is the focus here. Some of the wordplay is clever but the impact of what Cap is saying is much more important as his delivery and his performance on the tracks are great and take the average things he is saying and turn them into a good song.

No features on this project was a good idea as with so few tracks, Cap wants to be the main focus of the listeners attention, which he does very well. By being the commanding force on each track, he takes control of everything that is happening and shows that he can put together a good song.

Overall, this short collection of tracks is a good starting point for Cap 1 to build on and become more of a household name. A longer project and some features would be the next step to show that Cap knows what makes a good full length project.