AJ Tracy – Lil Tracy EP Review

This EP is a good showing of the talents that AJ Tracy possesses. He picks a good selection of beats as well as using his solid rhyming skills to keep his core audience wanting more.

The production is great with plenty of energy to keep the momentum pushing through all six tracks. They are each strong and could stand on their own without my assistance from other artists. Maybe trying something a little less grimey could show more diversity.

The lyricism is good with Tracey using his wordplay with his delivery for interesting results. The bars are fast paced and his unique tone helps keep his rhymes fresh. However, while repetition does help to make songs more memorable, more than maybe a couple lines used over and over to make one hook might make impact.

Overall, with the features doing well, this is a very good showing for AJ Tracey. He could experiment with a few other styles of rap music, but he knows what works for him and how to do it with great effectiveness.

Chip – Believe And Achieve: Episode 2 Review

This project has some shining moments that can become steeped in the more mediocre ones. Chip shows he has grown up in the Hip Hop community and is ready to step up to the play.

The production is energetic and lets Chip roam free with what he wants to say. There is a lot of carry thorugh with the momentum from the earlier tracks that picks up right at the end for a personnal finale. Maybe on a longer project Chip would want to try some different types of production to show he can work in more areas of rap.

The lyricism is good with Chip displaying a range of different techniques to keep the listener interested. The imagery is good with Chip showing he can paint a vivid picture with his rhymes while getting his point across with impact. Some changes in flow and delivery could help Chip make his songs even more refreshing to the listener.

The features do well to add an extra dimension to the project. The singers soften thier tracks while the rappers show a tougher side of Chip. There is a good balance of guests on this with no complaints.

Overall, this project is really great for Chip to show he is not a boy anymore, but he needs to pick a direction to take this. For now, he is doing a good job.

Zuse – TRAPZUSE Review

This is a good project if you have not heard Zuse before. if you have, it can be enjoyed but may also become stale.

The production is good and allows a lot of room for Zuse to use his signiture style. The beats use a lot of deeper sounds to complement Zuse’s vocal tone and allows for him to sound comfortbale over the backings. Maybe a few attempts out of the comfort zone could make some more interesting moments but Zuse sticks by what works for him.

The lyricism is not complex is is very centred on the trap side of Hip Hop, as the title suggests. This leads to most of the appeal being in Zuse’s delivery and performance skills, which are good, but not enough to carry the project.

The features do a good job of helping keep Zuse’s tone interesting. They break up the hearing of one voice and help make the project more listenable. Some features from different genres may help make this project pop more, but Zuse has selected a strong list of guests on this.

Overall, this is a good project to hear once, but will lose a lot of flavour after hearing it once. There is no longevity in this project.