Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Review

Once it is worn in, this is a very comfortable pair of shoes. However up to that point they can be uncomfortable as they are of sturdy construction and need to be flexed a bit to become a bit more malleable and conform a bit more to the foot.

To start the silhouette is quite narrow to begin with so getting it on for the first time can be quite difficult. However this can be solved by loosening the laces, even though the laces can be tricky to loosen in the first place as they seem almost stuck in place. After a couple times of wearing them, this goes away a bit but they stay fairly stiff.

Even with this, when they are on, they are still comfortable and can be worn for a long time without getting sore feet. The high top is also helpful because it helps to support the ankle and is a little padded to give extra comfort. However the high top is one of the reasons the shoe can be tricky to get onto the wearer’s feet.

Overall, this is a comfortable shoe that takes some getting used to, but as a piece of Jordan Brand history coming up on its thirtieth anniversary, this could be a great buy. If your a collector, this is a must buy and if your a sneaker afficianado, the same applies.

Nike Air Command Force Review

These shoes are extremely comfortable. The construction is solid and there is plenty of ventilation if your wearing them for a long time. The materials are supple for when the foot moves, however the toe box is large and creases fairly easily. The air bag works well for the cushioning and makes each step very easy and light, despite the size of the shoe.

The high top offers a lot of ankle protection for the wearer while still being comfortable. The padding on it is not intrusive while wearing it, but can make the ankle hot by cutting off an air flow with no top vents. The other thing is that the top is very squeaky while walking but this could mostly be because of the air pump.

The air pump works fantastically to increase and decrease the level of support inside the shoe. By pumping air in via the pump at the top of the ankle, air bags placed around the back of the shoe inflate and press closer to the foot of the wearer to decrease the level of slip on the inside. To decrease the support, there is a button on the back of the shoe that lets you push the air out again. This is a fantastic point of the shoe.

Overall, this is a fantastic shoe that is comfortable, head turning and supportive. If you want a shoe that will support the whole ankle area and not just the foot, this is the choice. If you want a shoe with a special focal point, the air pump, then this is the shoe for you. It has deep roots in basketball history and should be a must have due to the shoes having being worn in “White Men Can’t Jump” by Woody Harrelson.

Air Jordan 2 Retro Review

These classic shoes are not only comfortable and stylish, but they also make you look taller. The size of the outsoles on these shoes is large so that when you put them on, you look at least an inch taller than you actually are.

However large the outsole, they definitely help with the comfort of these shoes. They have good cushioning because of the Nike air technology and the leather upper is very pleasant to walk around in. However.

However, there is a bit of a downside. The toe box is exceptionally rigid so that when you walk along, the upper of the shoe can press against your foot and cause a large crease across the top. This isn’t really a problem unless you want to keep them in top condition.

The ankle padding around the top is a bit thicker than on other shoes but is plush and comfy to wear around. It may take some getting used to, but is exceptionally good ankle support.

Overall, these shoes are definitely worth getting if you’re a fan of Jordan Brand, a collector, or just need new shoes to wear around.