Tory Lanez – I Told You Review

This project is great because it has songs that appeal to a lot of people, but with skits that tie the songs together into a story. Tory Lanez has done well to make songs that can be listened to together as well as individually.

The production is good with a lot of variation in instruments and sounds used. Each song is individual and cant be confused with others on the project. There are no problems with the selection but maybe more traditional instruments would make some more interesting moments.

the lyricism is sporadic but good in general. There are moments of fantastic lyricism and moments where it is average, but when the level of wordplay dips, is when it tends to be more emotionally packed. The only issue is the possible over use of auto tune which runs rampant through the album.

The choice to have no features is good because there are other voices in the skits and it helps to explore his personal narrative. It also gives plenty of space for Lanez to show what he is capable of. Maybe on his next project, he can show how he works with others.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable project with a whole range of tracks. Tory Lanez shows he is definately a Hip Hop power for the modern day.

Logic – Under Pressure Review

Logic is a fantastic rapper. His rapid flow and multi syllable rhyme schemes help him to craft storylines that engulf the listener and ensnare them into continuing to listen and learn from him. This project shows his story telling abilities and how he can combine and intertwine that story telling into what comes across as a concept album of his life.

The production is good on the album. While not the cutting edge of current Hip Hop production, it fits together with what each track is trying to say and lends a good foundation for Logic then to build on. Some of the production was handled by Logic himself which could explain why he fits so well with the project, he built most of it by himself.

The lyricism is strong and full of imagery as he paints a picture on each track that makes it feel like you are actually experiencing what is being rapped about on the track. His particular style is very Kendrick Lamar-esque and everyone knows how good a lyricist he is. Logic may not be as well known as Kendrick at this point but with some time and more promotion, he may well rival him as the best lyricist of this generation.

With no features, this makes a change to most rap albums these days which are so packed with features that you forget who’s album it even is. This helps to keep the story telling crisp and clean, without being marred by other people getting in the way of Logic’s point of view.

Overall, this is a fantastic album for listeners and for Logic. As his Def Jam debut, it is a great introduction into the main stream music world and a fantastic introduction into a new and possibly more profitable audience. Logic should be proud of this album as it sounds crafted and not just a collection of songs.

YG – My Krazy Life Review

This is a solid major label debut. YG puts in some good work with his rhymes while not being the most gifted rapper. He treads familiar ground with content but keeps it on a more personal level than some others in the genre have been known to do.

The album comes across as a concept album with no real storyline as it is centred on YG’s own life. Track titles that would have words beginning with C are replaced with a B to show his ties to the Bloods, and not Crips, making a personal connection to the music. It is all built upon his street status and about how it blended in with other aspects of his life up to this point.

That being said, a large portion of the music isn’t overly personal. YG connects them to his own experiances, but the tracks themselves are well trodden ground. YG puts them across as different as his mentor DJ Mustard has created this sub-genre within Hip-Hop that is new to the culture. That production with YG’s style helps to push each track toward greater heights, regardless of content.

The production itself, of course, is amazing. DJ Mustard has put himself among the top producers and brings his A-Game to this effort. Each track is crafted to capture the atmosphere that the lyrics create and it is all done with great head nodding goodness.

The diversity of the tracks is also done very well. There are tracks designed for the clubs, for a Top 40 breakthrough and for pretty much everything else. There is even a track apologising to his mother for things he did growing up. This all helps build up the concept album feel and the feeling of an album that flows very easily.

The features are also fantastic. Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock, the street portion of the Black Hippy group, hold down the track “I Just Wanna Party” with great street verses. Drake gives a superbly on point verse on “Who Do You Love?” and who hasn’t heard Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan on “My Nigga”? All add to the album to help craft this debut effort.

Overall, while this is not an album that will be as celebrated as some (or as put down as others), this is a good effort from YG and as he grows in lyrical ability his efforts are only going to get better. This is a more than average album, while not quite reaching the heights of a great album.

My Krazy Life is now available on iTunes

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