Royce Da 5’9 – Book Of Ryan Review

This album feels like a continuation into Royce’s life that he started on “Layers”. Full of emotions, stories and clever rhymes, this is a masterpiece of music.

The production is amazing. There is a lot of different beats on offer and all help add up to a cohesive listen. There are some missteps where some songs try to cater for specific times and/or places like the club, but it is not like they do not fit the message of the track still.

The lyricism is fantastic as Royce continues to flaunt his incredible ability. The wordplay is smart and adds a level of detail to the anecdotes and helps expand the messages of the songs to bigger proportions. There are no complaints about Royce’s performance on this project as it is this ability that has allowed him to continue despite a few problems earlier in his career.

The features are great and show how a combination of A-List and lesser known artists can come together and create great tracks. Each does astonishing work showing their own skills as well as building upon the work Royce has already put down. There is also a good blend of singing to rapping to help give an extra edge to the project.

Overall, this release is the project that Royce needed to capitalise off the momentum gained from his last releases. Including his work as various duos and groups, this is the peak of his rap career so far and it looks like he is only getting started.

PRhyme – PRhyme 2 Review

This is another strong release full of smart lyrics, enjoyable beats and poignant messages. While there is still a sense of fun, there are some important points made and both artists here do a great job showing their skills while getting them across.

The production is amazing and is entertaining to everyone. There are some good samples that are then flipped and turned into incredible backings that help keep the listener interested. DJ Premier continues to deliver his signature sound in ways that keeps the audience enjoying every second.

The lyricism is, of course, steller. Royce shows he is still a strong lyricist with examples of wordplay that keep Royce in contention for one of the best lyricists. He could have played around with his flow a little more, but he is well known for this style and exploits his creativity through it with ease.

The features do a great job of adding fresh voices to the tracks and enhancing the message given by them. Each brings a lot to the table and shows great chemistry with the rapper and producer. It would be nice to see Royce’s Slaughterhouse cohorts appear here but it is always nice to see that a member of a group doesn’t need to be propped up with them to make a great album.

Overall, this is a top release to show people that both artists are still forces to be reckoned with. Both should push forward with solo projects to continue to show those who have not heard of them why they should have.

Royce Da 5’9 – Layers Review

This album shows a lot of different ways to look at Royce Da 5’9 as an artist as well as a man. His clear ability as a lyricist as well as his story telling makes a great listen.

The production is fantastic as it is more background than trying to overpower the vocals. There are many different flavours throughout the tracks which helps give the right atmosphere for the message Royce is giving out. Maybe some more aggression would make a more balanced album but there is a great level of continuity as the album progresses.

The lyricism is incredible. Royce uses his unique flow and incredible ability to weave complex lyrical techniques into his stories to really make them stand out with detail. There is not a lot that can be improved on here as Royce has proved himself a veteran word smith with great verses for many years now.

The features are good and help show that others relate to his stories. Each puts in good effort to make their verses as good as Royce and to add to the listening experience. There is a fair balance of guests who sing and rap, but it is possible that some more interesting combinations with people further from the rap genre.

Overall, this is a great selection of songs to listen to. The skits can become tiresome after a few listens but these can mostly be lifted out as they are individual tracks. Royce might not have crafted a perfect classic, but it is definitely headed in that direction.

PRhyme – PRhyme Deluxe Edition Review

This version of the album is great with all the greatness of the first outing with the addition of extra tracks that take nothing away from the original ones. The great chemistry between the duo continues on all four extra songs.

The production is all as great as it was before with the additional tracks only boosting the cohesiveness of the project overall.  The extra songs all still have thier amazing drive and cuts, while the new ones do a really good job of showing that they have even more greatness in the vault. There are no problems with the beat selection on this.

The lyricism is still fantastic with Royce showing his level of consistency on the new tracks. He does not dip for a second and his unique flow help give him the edge over a lot of formulaic rappers out there right now. There are still no problems with what Royce is showing on these tracks.

The features all do a great job fleshing out this album and the extra tracks have the same thing. Each of the guests does a great job of pushing the track onward to further greatness and the comparison to Royce works wonders to boost ability. Some singers could have shown more sides of the duo, but thier selection of people to work with is fantastic.

Overall, this has all the greatness of the original but with the extras on here, it propels it further to stardom. Congratulations on taking something amazing and making it even better.

Chedda Da Connect – Chedda World “The Album” Review

This album has his hit single, but then throws a bunch of similar sounding songs into the mix that bring very little desire at all to the project. Chedda needs ot show he can make more than one song.

The production is trap based which works well if combined with other types in a listen through. however while others manage to know when there is a point to change it up, Chedda keeps hammering away hoping it sounds different each time. The beats need to be more differentiated to be more effective.

The lyricism is repetitive and is simply treading already torn up ground. There is nothing new about what he is rapping about and he is not even putting a new spin on it. It comes across as he is not even trying to have longevity, but simply wants a pay check. He needs ot try harder if he wants to keep getting pay checks.

The features do a good job of breaking up the monotony of Chedda and his rhymes. Each tries harder than Chedda which is clear in the tracks and has an above average performance. Some features further away from the trap section of Hip Hop may have some more interesting results.

Overall, this is a poor album with one type of song that happened to be a hit. One good song does not a good album make.

TIP – Da’ Nic EP Review

This EP is a good showing for TIP, Also Known as T.I, as it shows off his skills while getting a few messages across while also being extremely enjoyable. As EPs go, this is a good one.

The production is classic TIP with the refined trap feel, while being open enough for him to explore other content. The sounds used help to keep the beats fresh while not overpowering the actual rhymes. A bit more variation could push TIP to some more interesting challenges, but the backing selection here works well with his style.

The lyricism is good and shows that TIP has not missed a step in his career. He uses a range of techniques to convey his points and utilises a few flows to keep the delivery interesting. It will be interesting to see if he can keep this up with his next LP.

The choice to have two features is a good choice as it gives more space for TIP to show what he is still capable of. To have them both on the same track works well in this case as, with only five tracks, this means he proves he can work well with others while keeping plenty of room for himself. On such a short project, his choice of featurees makes sense, but on a full length album, he will need to make sure not just to pick guests like this.

Overall, this is a very entertaining EP with plenty of replay value. TIP must now capitalise on this momentum and carry it forward to his upcoming LP.

OJ Da Juiceman – The Realest Nigga I Know 2 Review

While OJ does show more lyrical offerings on this project, it is still clinging to the trap formula to make music. All the tracks come across as extremely similar and there is nothing to set this mixtape apart from the pack.

The production is repetitive and can become extremely stale when listening to the whole project through. The beats use a lot of the same sounds and patterns on each song which makes a dull listening experiance, lifted only by the energy in them. OJ will need to try something new to attract new fans.

The lyricism is improved and helps to make this project bearable. OJ uses more rap devices to embellish his rhymes and attempt to bring in a larger audience. However it is not enough to get the attention of lyrical purists and will continue to need improvement.

Overall, this is a step forward for OJ Da Juiceman but it is a small step and not the leap he needs to climb the Hip Hop ladder. It is good to see OJ looking to move on in his career and not get stuck stagnating.

Yakki Divioshi – Load Da Clip Review

This project started off quite promising with a lot of potential but you may find yourself just waiting for the tracks to stop. While it starts with some good enthusiasm and catchy beats, it quickly descends into mindless generic trap music that fails to entertain.

The beats are alright to begin with but become very repetitive and simply become noise after a few tracks. The production is trap music and is by nature repetitive, but there are very few attempts to diversify each song and makes a boring listening experience for a full listen through.

The lyricism is poor and Yakki relies heavily on his shouty delivery to force the lyrics to be entertaining. The is a lot of shouting and some background yelling in an attempt to make any lyrics at all entertaining which works at first but not for the entire play through.

The features are alright and help show extra dimensions to the music but it is not enough to make them fun to listen to. While they try hard to put in good and enjoyable efforts, the overall song is still not up to standard and makes the features feel wasted.

Overall, this is not a good overall effort for Yakki and he has a lot of work to do to make a good overall project. While the first one or two tracks come across as good, the rest are simply listening time that can’t be enjoyed.

John John Da Don – The Care Package Review

This is a good step into getting John John’s tracks heard and good tracks they are. They have everything that a good track needs and are very enjoyable to listen through.

The production is good and, although not all original beats, create a great atmosphere that makes this much easier to listen to. The usage of some popular beats for John John to flow over is a good choice to showcase what he can do where others have tried. The original beats on here show that John John can create a song of his own without relying on others to lay out the plan first.

The lyricism is top notch and shows John John can take his skills from battling to making tracks without missing a step. Almost every line has a lyrical device intwined to make this project more enjoyable for fans of a lyrical nature. John John shows he can involve a lot of lyrical power in his lines without compromising the message of the song.

The features are good too as they each provide a contrast to John John himself. With some big names as well as some unknowns, John John shows that he can rap with the best of them and shows he is as good, if not better than the features on this project.

Overall, this is a great project for fans of lyricism and a good one for fans of production. The blend of clever lyrics with the good production help to make some great tracks that should propel John John to higher levels of fame.

Sy Ari Da Kid – S.O.O.N Review

This is a mixtape that connects emotionally with the listener, straying away from the generic “Go Hard” formula to make a much more intimate project. Sy makes this a slowed down set of tracks that that the listener feels very involved with.

The production is very good, but it could do with a few more energetic songs rather than all being slowed down. The production is smooth and flows together very well, but through the project it feels like it takes much longer than the actual play time to get through it all as it is really quite slow. With some more upbeat tracks, this would be a great listen rather than a good one.

The lyricism is definitely present but could do with being a bit more obvious as everyone may not appreciate it. Sy’s delivery is not strong on these tracks and he can find himself fading into the background a bit. This means that the lyricism he puts in there may not be heard by everyone, but when you hear it, it is good and enjoyable.

The features are good and help show the connections Sy has made in his career. They each put in a good effort with good results and help to add depth to each track. Each feature adds a new level of contrast to Sy and helps show that he can rap well in comparison to the others on this project.

Overall, this is a good project but may not be energetic enough for some and may not be strong enough on delivery for others. \However it should not be overlooked and is worth at least a spin or two.