Jadakiss – Top 5 Dead Or Alive Review

This album is full of great songs that prove that Jadakiss is where he says he is in the rap hierarchy. his ability to be this lyrical while going over these hard beats makes for a lot of really great moments for Hip Hop that should make a lot of the new generation stand up and pay attention.

The production is great as it sees Jadakiss using his underground feel to make headway into the mainstream which is not easy to do. The backings all give scope for content as well as having a wide range to offer to the messages of the tracks. Maybe a few more softer tracks could show that he can make more of a balanced project but Jadakiss has selected his backings very well for what he wants to show.

The lyricism is obviously fantastic with Jadakiss using every technique under the sun to keep his rhymes fresh. The way he puts his lyrics together leads to some really intricate and hard hitting moments that the listener will remember for a while. There are no issues with how Jadakiss puts his opinions and views across on this project.

The features do a really good job of showing that Jadakiss has serious connections in Hip Hop that are talented and can compete with him on the songs. Each one puts in a lot of effort and helps to make the project cohesive while showing that competition is not dead in the rap game. Maybe a few more singing guests could bring in a slight more mainstream feel and bring this to a slightly wider audiance, but Jadakiss has selected poeple he can work well with and it shows.,

Overall, this album is great to listen to street, lyrical or entertainment perspective. Jadakiss shows that the title of this album is accurate and that he has earned his spot there.

Mark Grist And MC Mixy – Dead Poets Deathmatch Review

While this is not the sort of thing that has been put up on this site, but the show was so good that something had to be said.

Both Mark and Mixy put on fantastic performances and the format is great, mostly because of the high level of crowd participation. Everything that transpires in the show is because of what the audiance chooses and this level of investment both relaxes the crowd and helps make this much more enjoyable.

The mixture of music, knowledge and comedy blends together to make an informative and entertaining time that is fun for all that watch. There is swearing as well as vulgar references so be weary of who you take, but there is no doubt that all there will have fun.

From a musical stand point, all aspects are on point. The production is good where beats are used, the lyricism is sharp and the delivery is always enjoyable. Throw into the mix that they dress up as each poet they are taking on the persona of and it is a great mix for fun.

Mark and Mixy take it in turns to take on the disguise of a poet (deceased) and rap battle each other where the crowd then decides a winner. This format brings the scope for an audiance from older school age to no upper limit which is an impressive feat when rap is involved.

Overall, this is a truly great show for fans of rap and poetry alike. Mark Grist and MC Mixy should be proud of what they have created here and should continue to perform it for the rest of the tour with as much vigor and was shown in thier previous performances.

If you have the opportunity to catch thier show, do as you definately won’t regret it.