Papoose – You Can’t Stop Destiny Review

While this album does have a lot of great points, it has the feel of being another mixtape that Papoose has cranked out. It is unfortunate because it starts off really well, but the end feels unstructured.

The production is great for the most part but the end starts to have an atmosphere of being outdated and old. The first few songs sound smooth and really improve the impact of Papoose rhymes. A bit more focus would help keep the production flowing well through the whole project, but all the songs can still be enjoyed.

The lyricism is fantastic and Papoose demonstrates why he considers his ability much above other rappers in the game. He uses a whole range of abilities to make tracks that are descriptive and enjoyable. A few more techniques throughout the songs spread more evenly could be an improvement, however Papoose certainly doesn’t slouch on this project at all.

The features are good as they compare well to Papoose. There is a good balance of singing to rapping which helps to make this project more cohesive. Maybe some more high calibre rapping from the features to challenge Papoose could be good for the album, but there are no problems with the choices for guests on this.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album that falls short of being great. Papoose has put together a good album and by keeping the quality up through the whole album, his next could be a bigger success.