Leaf Dog – Dyslexic Disciple Review

This release is a good showing of UK alternative rap with a lot of solid aspects with a lot of carry over to other genres. Leaf Dog is leading the way to making this alternative a mainstream.

The production is great as it is catchy, bouncy and keeps the energy flowing through the project. Each beat is individual and doesn’t get confused with each other and the use of different influences is clear on each one. None of these fit any mainstream formula which shows that not all artists are in rap to be in the public eye and that their integrity is important to them.

The lyricism is very interesting with great wordplay, but a flow that can sometimes become stale. The actual rhymes are fantastic with a lot of imagery and similes, but the way Leaf Dog seems to go to the same rhythm and without a lot of variation in flow. Pushing himself a little out of his comfort zone could go a long way.

The features are good but don’t provide a lot of diversity in their performance. They do a good job of fleshing out their verses, but sound similar to Leaf Dog, apart from the last song, so it can be difficult to separate them out. Something further from his comfort zone, once again, could add some more edge to the album.

Overall, this is an enjoyable release that is entertaining to listen through. It is not breaking any boundaries, but it is leading alternative rap out into the wider audience a little more.

Fliptrix -Patterns Of Escapism Review

This release helps to show that alternative rap has a place in hip hop. Fliptrix might not have made a perfect album, but it definitely shows he has talent.

The production is somewhat easy going with some higher energy elements to help carry it through. There are a lot of similarities between the songs which can lead to some of the tracks bleeding together slightly. That being said, there is a lot of difference between these beats and the majority of others that are out there right now, making this more of a stand out project.

The lyricism is good with clever wordplay and some changes in pace to keep a full listen through from getting boring. This project shows that Fliptrix can write bars but his delivery could do with something extra. Whether it is confidence or passion, his performance is slightly lacking in the star quality to be a mainstream success, but hopefully he will find it for his next release.

The features help to keep this project flowing with good performances, but some are a little too similar to the main artist to have a huge impact. The guests all write great verses but there appears to be a lack of chemistry with some of them and the performance aspect is very similar to Fliptrix. Some guests with less things in common may go a long way to lifting this album.

Overall, this is an entertaining release in bite size chunks, but can be hard work to get through all seventeen tracks. Fliptrix has some shining moments, but needs to try and make them more consistent if he wants to break into the mainstream.

The Four Owls – Natural Order Review

This is an enjoyable project from The Four Owls, but is not as alternate as iTunes tried to tell me it is. It is simply UK rap that does not fall under the Grime genre, not alternate rap.

The production is good and is different from regular rap, but is not unheard of in style. The beats are smooth and sound more musically traditional in the sense that you can hear more real instrument sounds instead of modern noise. The group may try some more modern beats to try and acquire a wider audience but the production they have chosen so far in thier careers have been good for the message they want to send.

The lyricism is good and not overly complex. Plenty of lyrical techniques are involved throughout the project and are accessible to all listening. The more hardcore lyrical listeners may argue that the lyricism doesn’t run deep enough but there is enough here to satisfy most who hear it and enjoy it.

The features are good and help to add more diversity to the already differentiated tracks. Each gives a new angle on the message for the track while also showcasing their own talent to the audience of the album. Maybe some more big names to help increase their profile would be good on their next album, but these all do their job well on this one.

Overall, this is an entertaining album to listen to and a good step for The Four Owls. A refreshing take on rap music while still not taking any really big steps out of the playbook has lead to a great listening experiance and a great project for Rap.