DJ Drama – Quality Street Music 2 Review

This album shows that DJ Drama can still put together a great project after all his years in Hip Hop. While he is more of a curator than a performer, he shows he has connections and puts together exactly what the title describes.

The production is energetic while creating the atmosphere the track needs. Each is individual while bring cohesive with the overall listen through. When you listen through the whole thing, it does seem formulaic on first listen, but each backing is crafted well and will appeal to the listener.

The features really help to make this project as they are the main focus of all the songs. All put in good effort and on each track, the guests work well together as DJ Drama knew they would. He picks a few veterans as well as a great selection of up and comers to show their skills and flesh out the tracks. Maybe some artists further from what Drama already knows could make some moments further from the formula, but he knows what works and works it well.

Overall, this is a great playlist for songs for the street. DJ Drama has put this together very well and will hopefully go on to cultivate new talent as he has been.

A$AP Ferg – Ferg Forever Review

This is a very confusing project. It attempts to show Ferg’s diversity and it does show what he can do on a number of different styles of beats, which it does. However, what needs to be speculated is how well he does on each track. Sometimes the song falls short of success but other time he shines through and the production fits well with the lyricism.

The production is good but does not all necessarily fit with Ferg’s style. There are many different types of beats on this project ranging in speed, instruments and pitch and each creates a different feel for each song. The only thing to take into consideration is that maybe Ferg stretched himself a bit thin with so many different types that it takes from the project as a whole.

The lyricism is there but is not a main factor in this mixtape. While it does play a role, Ferg changes his delivery and flow so many times that those changes become more of a focal point than the actual lyrics. While you can take the lyricism as a main focal point, and there is some really good lyricism mixed in there, it can become easy to lose yourself in the mixture of other project components.

The features can be good but can also be too similar to Ferg or each other to make too much of an impression. While for each track it may add to how good the track is, but overall doesn’t add to the project.

Overall, this could be a good project if you pick and choose the tracks you like, but if you listen to the project as a whole, it isn’t greatly cohesive and can be hard work to get through all the tracks.

Snoop Dogg – Thats my Work Volume 5 Review

This is another great throwback project from Snoop Dogg. This time he links up with Tha Dogg Pound, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt for those who arent aware, to create a G-Funk sounding project to kick back to. It recreates the G-Funk era perfectly while also incorporating their journeys and newer inspirations, like Snoops recent foray into reggae. That combined with the great chemistry the three of them has helps to create a good sense of cohesiveness.

The lyricism is present on not only every track, but by every artist. None of the three let down with their lyrics and they flow into each others style very easily. They each not only have their signature style and flows, but it is rare to find a group of individuals that sound not only different from each other but from most if not all other rap acts out there. Snoop especially shines through his diversity, being able to add the reggae flavour for a slightly different atmosphere.

The production is diverse with some freestyles over popular new tracks, some old songs they did together and some entirely new songs. The backing ranges from reggae to Hip Hop to even pop sometimes, which is a new direction for Tha Dogg Pound.

With the features only being when the trio jump on someone elses track, this helps to create a more cohesive project that showcases their talents on tracks picked for others.

Overall, this is a great project if your a fan of the rappers or a fan of the era, but it may not attract new fans as it doesn’t contain any of the factors that may make it considered “popular” but it is a fantastic project for kicking back and enjoying a great era of Hip Hop.