Statik Selektah – Lucky 7 Review

This is a great album to stick on if you don’t want to be tied down to one artists point of view and opinions. There are a lot of good points on this album that make it enjoyable listening.

The production is really stunning and is the best thing about this album, which is a big deal. Each track is individual and they all cohesively run together without the listener being confused about what song is on. There are no flaws about the beats that Selektah is using to craft a very entertaining album.

As Statik Selektah is a producer putting together this album, the features make up all the lyrics on this project. However they all come with great verses and hooks, which contain a lot of thier own lyrical acrobatics. A few more rappers with a faster flow may have kept the energy flow up a bit through the project, but that may have stopped the balance of the correct atmosphere for each song.

Overall, this is a great album for all audiances of Hip Hop. The smooth production with the quick acrobatic rhymes make for a good time and this is a great stepping stone for Statik Skeletah.

Juicy J – Blue Dream and Lean 2 Review

This is an enjoyable project if you are the target audience of stoners, If you do not fall in that category however, this may be a repetitive project that may be difficult to hear all the way through.

The production is classic Juicy J and is exactly what you expect to hear on one of his projects. The bass is in heavy use throughout the project and there is no big melodies that play on almost any track. With some more variation and experimentation outside this single track formula, this may have a wider audience.

The lyricism is nothing special as yet another content driven project comes to light. With your typical tracks about drugs, women and money come together, with one offering about the recent shootings of young black men, these songs may have been made by almost anyone. It is Juicy J’s flow and cadence that makes this remotely interesting to listen to.

The features are good, with exception of Project Pat, and put in some good efforts for the most part. Pat is the anomaly because he is so very like Juicy J in the first place that when finding Juicy repetitive, it simply comes across as more of the same. However the rest of the features out in great work and diversify the project to a more enjoyable level.

Overall, this is a good project for stoners to listen to, but if you are looking for something refreshing to listen to, this is not it. Juicy may need to try a new angle or fresh approach if he wants to keep expanding his fan base.

Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$ Review

This is a nineties project created in the modern day and it is very close to the mark for what it is aiming for. However it may not appeal to all Hip Hop lovers as it is moving back instead of forwards.

The production is accurate to the thee of the album and, when seen through the right lenses, is great to listen to. However as it is trying to move back to a time when great songs were already made, some may not take kindly to that. However when listened to all the way through it does very well to combine with Joey’s flow and make some great tracks.

The lyricism is good and is scattered throughout all the tracks. On the other hand, with Joey’s fairly rapid flow and his tone against the backing beat, it can be difficult to hear that lyricism and accept it. A lot of it is simply lost to the sounds instead of heralded as great to the listener.

The features are all good and all bring a new dimension to the project. They help to show how Joey can work with others, which is extremely well, as well as showcasing their own skills, which is also done well.

Overall, this would be a great project if made in the nineties, but as it is made in this year, it is a good project with ties to a brighter era in Hip Hop. If moved more into the modern age, not ultra modern but forward, Joey may have more success.