P Money – Snake EP 2 Review

If this EP doesn’t kill some of the rumours flying around about P Money, it is because people do not want to see facts. This has some great songs on it, which can be repetitive in a row but makes it very clear how P Money feels about his current beef.

The production is aggressive with a lot of techno sounds to punctuate the message. Each beat has a slightly different flavour to help to give a new angle on the situation each time. The aim of this is to be in yoru face, which the beats here accomplish with ease.

The lyricism is smart with some focus on wordplay and others on imploring that he is spitting the truth. The rhymes are clever without losing emphasis on how real his point is in every bar. He gets his message across without having to change his delivery to try and make it work.

Overall, this is a great EP for showing that P Money will stand his ground against any accusation against him. Now with this chapter hopefully closed, he can go back to making great albums.

Vic Mensa – The Manuscript EP Review

This release is great as preparation for an upcoming album as well as showing some great song making skills. Vic Mensa shows a great flexibility in the songs he can make and with this taster, the album has a lot of promise.

The production is great and helps fill the space that Mensa can not. Each beat is clear and definitely couldn’t be confused together. On this EP, the beat selection is great, but it can be hoped that Mensa doesn’t stay so diverse and he can keep it cohesive.

The lyricism is great with Vic Mensa showing a lot of skill with his rhymes. His delivery is punchy and his wordplay is renewed, as he may have sounded a little too content on his previous release. If he can carry this momentum into his next album, it is sure to achieve success.

The features are good and show a good understanding of who will help improve a song. Both do a great job of fleshing out the tracks while not taking from Vic Mensa’s performance. If he continues to pick guests like this, his next project will work incredibly well as a listen through.

Overall, this is a nice palette cleanser of other rap music to ready the listener for the next release from Vic Mensa. With creative ability like this, it should be a commercial success and a piece of absolute artwork.

Isaiah Dreads – Lone Wolf EP Review

This release shows that Isaiah Dreads knows how to rap and how to make a range of songs, despite this being only four tracks. He makes some bold claims about how talented he is, but this is a step in the right direction.

The production is good as each song creates the correct atmosphere that Dreads is going for. As this is such a short EP, it is impossible to know how good an ear for production that Dreads has, but he has selected a handful here that he can work with very well. On a longer release it would be interesting to see if he can keep his quality of beat this high.

The lyricism is solid, propped up by his fast pace delivery. His wordplay is not the most complex, but he does have some clever wordplay that is accentuated by the energy in his flow. Maybe trying to add a few more lyrical devices into his bars rather than trying to fill all the available space could bring in a larger audience.

Overall, this is a small taster of what he could release and hopefully will. Isaiah Dreads could be the next big thing in the UK scene, but he needs to put out some more tracks so people can sit up and take notice.

AJ Tracy – Lil Tracy EP Review

This EP is a good showing of the talents that AJ Tracy possesses. He picks a good selection of beats as well as using his solid rhyming skills to keep his core audience wanting more.

The production is great with plenty of energy to keep the momentum pushing through all six tracks. They are each strong and could stand on their own without my assistance from other artists. Maybe trying something a little less grimey could show more diversity.

The lyricism is good with Tracey using his wordplay with his delivery for interesting results. The bars are fast paced and his unique tone helps keep his rhymes fresh. However, while repetition does help to make songs more memorable, more than maybe a couple lines used over and over to make one hook might make impact.

Overall, with the features doing well, this is a very good showing for AJ Tracey. He could experiment with a few other styles of rap music, but he knows what works for him and how to do it with great effectiveness.

Joe Grind – Grind Harder EP Review

This project is a good introduction to Joe Grind for those who haven’t heard him before and a small delve into his deeper self for those who do. However while showing that he is still working, it does sound like a little repetitive of other artists out there right now.

The production is good with plenty of thump to keep the listener engaged. Each beat creates the emotional atmosphere that Joe explores on a lot of these tracks but can override him in places. Maybe a few softer backings could bring a little more balance but Grind does a good job with what he selected here.

The lyricism is good and is effective at getting his message across. His delivery shows him as a definite London rapper but struggles to break free of the mould. Maybe a little more experimentation could help to increase his appeal to a wider audience. Also, for a five track EP, this had a fair few guests on it taking up room Grind could use to showcase himself more.

Overall, with the guests all doing a good job of their own contributions, this is a good EP from one of London’s own. It does show plenty of room for growth but also a drive and want to improve which should lead to great things in the future.

KXNG Crooked – Valley Of The KXNGS EP Review

This project is a fantastic introduction to KXNG Crooked for fans before his album drops. Previous fans can get behind the fact that one of the most lyrical rappers in the modern game is still being a rhyme genius and new fans can enjoy the bouncy production while learning what lyricism is.

The production is a sleek west coast affair, with bouncy backings and plenty of energy to help keep the listener interested, especially if they haven’t heard a Crooked song before. Each beat isn’t jarring in anyway and the fluidity of the transitions makes this an easier listening experience instead of being thrown from song to song. With this being only a handful of examples, it will be interesting to see what Crooked has chosen to work with on the full album.

The lyricism is fantastic with Crooked cramming bars into every song but without it sounding forced. Metaphors and similies are strewn throughout but the songs don’t feel overcrowded with rhymes trying to be too clever. The perfect balance is struck between bars and delivery and KXNG Crooked thrives in those moments.

Overall, This is a really great EP for Hip Hop fans everywhere, while knowing it is only a taster for what is to come in a few weeks time. May the album be as good or better than this and it will be in contention for album of the year.

Prodigy – Untitled EP Review

This EP is actually an impressive blend of EDM and tough raps. Prodigy is one of the more successful crossovers to do this because he doesn’t try and keep pace with the backing and simply stays himself.

The production is interesting with the pace up and the instruments being more of a focal point. Each could hold their own as an EDM track and are plenty entertaining. It will be interesting to see if this style will make an impression in Hip Hop.

The lyricism is great, where used. Prodigy keeps his skills sharp and demonstrates that on each track. He may not be filling the songs with rhymes, but when he uses his voice, it always helps and doesn’t sound out of place. He works well with this style of music and hopefully he will continue to work with it.

Overall, this is an enjoyable EP of a relatively fresh crossover style. Prodigy should be commended for putting out his first attempt out and for having such entertaining songs.

Lady Shocker – Queen Of The Pack EP Review

This EP shows that Lady Shocker can be aggressive and put that aggression into her rhymes. She shows she can play tough and not hold back with her bars.

The production is heavy hitting and energetic to go with Lady Shocker’s style. Each song has an individual feel but with the underlying feel of menace. Maybe a softer track could show another side to Lady Shocker, but would go against the theme of the project.

The lyricism is good with Lady Shocker coming with some real bars to put the fear into her male competitors. She uses a variety of techniques to really increase the impact of what she is saying. Her delivery also helps to boost her rhymes but it could be good to see her being more emotional.

The features are good as they show she can work as part of a squad as well as a solo artist. Each of them works well with Lady Shocker and showcases thier own skills  to a wider audiance. Maybe a few more singers could add another dimension to the EP, but with such few tracks, this could have hampered the running theme.

Overall, this EP shows how forward Lady Shocker can be while still being entertaining. Moving forward, Lady Shocker should take this momentum and start expanding her repetoire.

Ghetts And Rude Kid – 6 Five III EP Review

This EP does have some shining moments but are not consistent enough across all the tracks to show that the duo are powerhouses in the Grime scene. Both do well, but not quite what is needed to break ot the fornt.

The production is good and there is a good amount of range for only five tracks. Each song has its own atmosphere and is definately individual enough from the others. Some stronger backings that could stand on thier own would be beneficial to Rude Kids abilities.

The lyricism is good and is a focal point of the EP. Ghetts does well to keep his flow lively while putting different devices into his rhymes. Maybe some more changes in his delivery could show he can be even more versatile as an artist but he does a good job on this overall.

Overall, this EP shows what Ghetts and Rude Kid both show thier skills, but the chemistry for the songs can let this down from the listeners perspective. With a bit more work, thier next project could be great.

TIP – Da’ Nic EP Review

This EP is a good showing for TIP, Also Known as T.I, as it shows off his skills while getting a few messages across while also being extremely enjoyable. As EPs go, this is a good one.

The production is classic TIP with the refined trap feel, while being open enough for him to explore other content. The sounds used help to keep the beats fresh while not overpowering the actual rhymes. A bit more variation could push TIP to some more interesting challenges, but the backing selection here works well with his style.

The lyricism is good and shows that TIP has not missed a step in his career. He uses a range of techniques to convey his points and utilises a few flows to keep the delivery interesting. It will be interesting to see if he can keep this up with his next LP.

The choice to have two features is a good choice as it gives more space for TIP to show what he is still capable of. To have them both on the same track works well in this case as, with only five tracks, this means he proves he can work well with others while keeping plenty of room for himself. On such a short project, his choice of featurees makes sense, but on a full length album, he will need to make sure not just to pick guests like this.

Overall, this is a very entertaining EP with plenty of replay value. TIP must now capitalise on this momentum and carry it forward to his upcoming LP.