Nike Lebron 12 review

These are very comfortable shoes. They give a lot of support and move freely with the foot as it moves. The hyperposite sides definitely help to keep the shoes shape and stop you rolling the sides when making quick cuts and assist in giving the shoe a unique aesthetic.

The sides rise up to support ankle and sides of the leg, but is low at the back to help putting the shoe on and taking it off and allowing a greater range of movement in the foot. The hyperposite sides help with the support and there is a pull tab on the back to make putting on and taking off the shoe even easier.

The upper is sturdy while still having a bit of wiggle room for the toes when moving around. This also helps with the breathability and helping to control the tempreture of the foot in the shoe, making the shoe more comfortable.

The sole is very special. It contains airbags, 5 in the front and one large in the back, that decrease the pressure on the foot with each step and make for a smoother ride. They also help by adding another unique point to the shoe to grab peoples attention.

Overall, this is a very comfortable pair of shoes and will really help to up your game. They are performance shoes with extreme comfort that are the currant ultimate in comfort performance wear.

Nike KD7 basketball shoe review

This is a quick moving, high jumping shoe. The cushioning is of such great quality that when you jump into the air it actually feels like the shoe is propelling you away from the ground and toward the hoop. The airbag is great and helps protect the heel of your foot while adding an attractive look to the shoe overall.

The upper is breathable mesh while the heel is hyperposite construction to lend a feeling of support and manoeuvrability. The Flywire helps to lockdown the shoe for a feeling of almost bonding the shoe to your foot and helping to create a good flow of energy between the foot and the floor.

The foot strap is great for keeping the laces under control and for holding the shoe close to the foot to help stop the loss of energy between foot and shoe. It also helps add another stunning visual point from a cosmetic point of view.

Overall, this is a great shoe for both speed and for lift off and should have great success on the court.

Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier 8 Review

This is a very good shoe. The traction pattern on the bottom gives a great platform for quick movement and the small triangle that pertrudes from the outsole extends the base without being intrusive on the ground and allows for even greater traction on the ground.

The strap on the ankle of the shoe holds the laces down and acts as a pulley for the zipper that runs down the side. The zipper itself does a good job of making the shoe easy to get on and off.

The Flywire technology does a good job of locking down the shoe for support and makes the shoe feel like it is part of your actual foot.

However, the shoe is a tight fit across the top and this can be uncomfortable. This could be to decrease the loss of energy with each step, and it does get slightly more comfortable over time, but it does not leave a great deal of comfort to be had in the beginning.

Overall, this is a very good shoe, solid performance and great traction but it could be slightly uncomfortable to the wearer, if only to begin with.