Fredo – Get Rich Or Get Recalled Review

This release shows that Fredo knows a little about how to rap and that he can make one song relatively well. However he does not show a complete ability or a balanced project with this.

The production is all trap based with a lot of energy and a lot happening in the background. While this is what Fredo is trying to show here, some diversity goes a long way when done with cohesion, instead of making the same song in different ways. Something softer would show help show the main artist as more of a human being instead of just a drug dealing bad guy.

The lyricism isn’t bad, but the delivery gets boring after a few tracks. Fredo utilises the shout rap style, but without attempting to change his flow or tempo enough to make it effective. The wordplay is good in places but a lot of the entertainment is based on how he puts the word across. Fredo may want to look at changing something every now and again to keep the songs fresh.

The features are good as they help break up the monotony that is Fredo. Each puts in good effort for thier own part to show what they are capable and are one of the only variables on this album that is different from song to song. Maybe trying to vary it a little to include people further from his own group would show he fits well with the rest of the UK rap scene, but the selection on here brings a lot to the release.

Overall, Fredo needs to look at his formula and try to tweak it to appeal to a wider audience. He may rap about how much money he has, but to survive in this industry, he may want to move into more universal content.

W!sh – Get Right Or Get Left Review

This is a very enjoyable project to listen to that should propel W!sh into a higher level of fame. It has catchy beats, clever lyricism and a hungry rapper at the helm. Everything a good project needs.

The production is good and has everything an enjoyable mixtape needs. The sounds are a mixture of retro and modern but blended to make the music sound deep and reverberating enough to stick in your brain. If it had some more range into emotional, then it might be a more complete project, but overall, this is a great project for production.

The lyricism is clever and is thoroughly imbedded in every track. All the lyrical devices are smart while not going over heads which opens up the tracks to a wider audience to enjoy. W!sh has all the right things when it comes to the actual rapping, he just needs to explore some more emotions to make a more complete project.

The features are good too, bringing another dimension to the project. Each expands the track and shows that W!sh is good at working with others. They each put in some good work and help contrast against W!sh to help make this a more enjoyable project.

Overall, this is a great mixtape and shows that W!sh is going to be a great rapper. Whether he gets recognised is another matter, but he shows he has the skills to write a great verse and put together a great song so lets hope he does.

Big Gipp – Mr Get Down Review

This is a classic down south mixtape. Gipp does well to get back to the raw sound of south Hip Hop and bringing that back. He slips a bit from the south sound nearer the end of the project but it is very southern overall and a very good mixtape.

The production is good and works well with Big Gipp’s style. His flow works well with gritty, street beats and the beats in question are just that. They are very atmospheric and can only work well with specific kinds of content. Fortunately Big Gipp nails the content for each of the tracks styles which creates a cohesive project.

The lyricism is alright but not overly lyrical so wont attract that audience of Hip Hop listeners. There is some lyricism but Gipp uses mostly entertainment based lyrics to tell a story or to simply raise the heart rate and keep the song interesting. Either way it may not be the most polished of lyrics but it is entertaining to listen to and will keep your attention.

The features are excellent. The second track has by far the best feature, as Biggie helps create a great track. The other features are good and ad to their tracks, but it is good to see that most of the project is just Gipp being Gipp as it helps to show that he is still a great rapper.

Overall, this is a great project for Big Gipp and is a good sign for his return. Whether with Goodie Mob, Ali or by himself, Big Gipp has shown that he is a southern force to be reckoned with and will continue to be so.

Hustle Gang – Get Dough or Die 2 Review

This is a nice collection of the same sounding songs that do not fully show the talent on the roster. It is very unfortunate that this is not the standout label roster showcase the G.D.O.D series is intended to be. Even the head honcho, T.I, who is a very talented rapper, sounds comfortable but not excelling on every track. He still comes across as the top guy amoung the others on the tracks but he is not putting out the rhymes that we all know he is capable of, even with the double time flow.

The lyrics are not strong on this album. T.I shows what he can do but it comes across as he is not really trying and a couple of others, Trae Tha Truth and Young Dro, do quite well on the tracks they are on. The others however come across as very similar and non-distinguishable. B.o.B does some alright work on his tracks but even Iggy Azalea comes across as mediocre on the track she appears on.

The production is good, but needs more variation. Although done by different producers, they come across as almost the same. Mostly trap based beats, they all seem to follow a generic formula and pattern that doesn’t create a very entertaining atmosphere.

One of the good things going for the project is the energy that goes into it. A majority, if not all, of the tracks have a lot of energy and that is one of the only positive things about this project that could have been so very promising.

Overall, this does not live up to its potential at all but can provide a couple of good songs to use, possibly as some sort of workout mix for when you go to the gym.