Bonkaz – Quality Control 2.0 Review

This is a solid release from Bonkaz with a good range of songs, but with quite a few rough edges. While Bonkaz shows some good skills, he doesn’t sound completely comfortable throughout.

The production is good with a safe amount of variety to help keep it fresh. With the strong UK influences, this is not totally cohesive because of the cutting between most of the songs. A little more easing in between tracks might help make this flow a little better.

The lyricism is great with Bonkaz showing a lot of clever lyricism as well as solid delivery. However he doesn’t sound like he totally fits in with the timing of the beats and can sometimes sound like he is struggling to keep up the rhythm. Maybe he should try staying at a slower pace and really hitting his mark instead of sounding out of place on the faster songs.

The features are entertaining and help add a lot to this project. The choice is great because he is bringing up his team with him and helping them get their name out into the public. There is a good balance of singing and rapping, but maybe adding a few more higher profile rappers would help show that Bonkaz can rap with the higher tiers.

Overall, this is a good showing of what Bonkaz is capable of, as well as highlighting a few areas he may want to look at. Bonkaz should use this as motivation towards his next album.

Stormzy – Gang Signs And Prayer Review

This debut is strong with a personal style and flavour, unique to Stormzy. He is such a strong personality that’s shines through everywhere, except where he tries to bend to what he thinks the audience wants.

The production is grimy in a lot of places with some softer touches when the content also softens. The different combinations of beats show that Stormzy can be versatile, but the execution and the way they flow together detracts from the cohesiveness of the project overall. Maybe trying to prove you can do it all is not always the best course to take.

The lyricism is good, with Stormzy utilising a somewhat common rap style, but lifting it to new heights with his delivery and performance factor. His rhymes are tight and use some good skills to tell stories of redemption and religion, which are common themes. Maybe some more of the aggression shown in the hit singles would have made the project people were expecting, but this release actually shows more sides to Stormzy than people were originally interested in.

The features are good and help to show how Stormzy has sparked interest in the rap community. With some big names on here giving some great performances, it is a great oppertunity for Stormzy to see how he stacks up with others. The inclusion of the singing is a nice touch, but doesn’t help with the tough guy image he had built for himself.

Overall, this is a solid debut album from a leader in the new wave of grime artists, but only time will tell if he can stay that way. Stormzy may want to look at balancing his projects out a little more if he wants a more cohesive product.

President T – T On The Wing Review

This release shows that while he has solid rhymes and a unique voice and flow, repetition can really kill a project. President T needs to try to vary his hooks instead of saying one line loudly over and over.

The production is good and is as aggressive as the main artist. Each beat is strong but fades too far back as President T is too vocal over the top for it to make much impact. A bit more balance between the noise sources could help this sound a bit more cohesive.

The lyricism is good but not incredible. While there is some clever wordplay and his delivery boosts that, there is only so many times any listener can hear how good a rapper is without needing more proof. If he can vary his content more, as well as improve his hooks, then he could have some of the evidence to prove he is as good as he says he is.

The features are one of the best things about this album. Each puts in a nice effort and provides a fantastic point of comparison to President T, showing his strengths and weaknesses more clearly. Some more singers could have brought another dimension to this project, but may not have fit in with President T’s style.

Overall, this is a disappointing release, but it does offer redemption. President T shows the potential to make amazing music, but he is falling short due to his ego and simple loudness.

Manga Saint Hilare – White Jean Suit Confidence

This project has some good tracks with some skits at the end that show the growth and personnal journey Manga has been on. He can make great Grime music and now needs to show he can do it con

The production is good as it is quite diverse and offers a lot for Manga to work with. Each is individual and won’t get confused with any of the others. While the skits at the end of each song help break it up, it does stop the project being so cohesive.

The lyricism is good with Manga showcasing his skills in a big way. With some good verses and some alright hooks to carry the project through, Manga has given his rhymes plenty of thought and come away with some very effective wordplay. Maybe some changes in flow could show some more variation, but he does a great job on these tracks.

The features are great and are one of the most cohesive elements on here. Each does very well to boost the track they are on and improve this project. Maybe a singer or two could add another dimension but this is still a great listen with these guests.

Overall, this is a great listen to but the skits do not have the longevity that the actual songs do. it is a shame these are attached onto the end of the songs, but it can all still be enjoyed.

Ghetts And Rude Kid – 6 Five III EP Review

This EP does have some shining moments but are not consistent enough across all the tracks to show that the duo are powerhouses in the Grime scene. Both do well, but not quite what is needed to break ot the fornt.

The production is good and there is a good amount of range for only five tracks. Each song has its own atmosphere and is definately individual enough from the others. Some stronger backings that could stand on thier own would be beneficial to Rude Kids abilities.

The lyricism is good and is a focal point of the EP. Ghetts does well to keep his flow lively while putting different devices into his rhymes. Maybe some more changes in his delivery could show he can be even more versatile as an artist but he does a good job on this overall.

Overall, this EP shows what Ghetts and Rude Kid both show thier skills, but the chemistry for the songs can let this down from the listeners perspective. With a bit more work, thier next project could be great.