Ghostface Killah – Adrian Younge Presents: Twelve Reasons To Die II Review

This album is a great continuation of the story as well as of the story telling ability that Ghostface posesses. While it may not have a hit songle, it does have a lot of replay ability for those who enjoy concept albums.

The production is classic RZA haunting minimalism. There is plenty of scope for content and for Ghostface to try a few different things. The beats work well with how the story flows which helps the project stay cohesive. A few more modern beats could balance the project out on the timeline more, however that would upset the atmosphere of the album and ruin the story.

The lyricism is good through this album and helps to add to the story telling element. While not overly complicated, it assists the imagery and makes it impact more on the listener. Some more rhymes with some more complexity could showcase Ghostface’s talent some more, however the way this story is told, it may have detracted from what the artists are saying.

The features all help to build this album up with the addition of thier verses. Each brings a lot of effort and a lot of great verses that add a lot to not only thier tracks, but the whole project. A few more singing features could have added another dimension to the album, but again, may not have fit with the story.

Overall, this is a great concept album that shows that not only does Ghostface have the ability to still make great albums, but that concept albums are making somewhat of a comeback after a few releases through the last few years.

Styles P – Phantom and the Ghost Review

Another gritty street album hits the shelves with this release. Styles P brings his street experiences, with a slightly haunting atmosphere, to another retail release and it has a strange feel. There are some definite ground level tracks for bumping along to, but what feels like a large portion of the album feels more subdued and thoughtful than head banging and hard hitting.

Styles P hasn’t lost his lyrical edge, and at this quality of work, its looking like he never will. The razor sharp imagery he brings to this project is looking as top quality as any of his earlier work, but with the twist of it being a bit more thoughtful and precise.

The production on Phantom and the Ghost is clear and actually comes across as related to the projects name. Pretty much every track has a slightly spooky feel which fits perfectly with the name and creates a good atmosphere with the overall feel of the album.

As a member of the LOX, Styles P has a lot to live up to when it comes to ability and his standing in Hip Hop, and this album does not fail to live up to that standard. However the ghostly aspect of the album may not be for everyone, but it is definitely worth a few spins.