Fabolous – Summertime Shootout 2 Review

This is a great project as it keeps Fabolous in the public eye, showing his skills, as well as being a refreshing step back towards lyricism for Hip Hop. This builds on the work of the first installation to make this a promising staple for rappers everywhere.

The production is great as it is very summer like as the title suggests. The beats are light and airy which allows the listener to float back to summer memories while being entertaining and enjoyable. There are no problems with the beat selection as they fit perfectly with the aim of this project.

The lyricism is excellent with Fabolous not missing a step to add wordplay to every bar. He adds a lot of lyrical genius to these songs and lifts the whole genre back towards smarter rhymes. Maybe some more changes in pace and flow would make for a more balanced performance, but Faboloous does a really incredible job of making this project amazing.

The features help to add points of comparison for Fabolous as well as fleshing out the tracks. Each puts in a good effort and, with some big names, show that Fabolous is one of the big players in the rap game. The guests do a great job of adding more summer feelings to this mixtape.

Overall, this project is fantastic and should be celebrated by listeners everywhere. Fabolous should continue to put out this music so maybe Hip Hop doesn’t forget to have clever lines.

Snoop Dogg – Thats My Work Vol 4 Review

This is a nice throwback in Hip Hop. Everything about this mixtape is G-Funk personified. It also showcases a great reunion for Tray Deee and Goldie Loc with Snoop to reform Tha Eastsidaz and recreate some of that old magic.

Snoop shows off his signature flow and voice to instantly take you back to the days of G-Funks first arrival on the Hip Hop scene. Goldie Loc also comes heavy with the vocal tones and imagery, while Tray Deee brings his own style and skills to the table.

The production is straight G-Funk and will have you bobbing your head in no time. Every tracks beat fits with the message of the lyrics, even if sometimes it isn’t totally encapturing for the listener. However with a whole playthrough of the project, it all feels quite cohesive bar the humorous commercial which could be skipped if you just want the music.

The features are sparse but with three people jumping on a majority of tracks, that’s not a bad thing. When someone else does get on a track, they do well and blend well with the rest of the artists they are on the track with.

Overall, This is a good retro project for listeners who miss the days of West Coast projects sounding like they have come straight off the beaches with some shell casings and a grimy attitude.