Joe Grind – Grind Harder EP Review

This project is a good introduction to Joe Grind for those who haven’t heard him before and a small delve into his deeper self for those who do. However while showing that he is still working, it does sound like a little repetitive of other artists out there right now.

The production is good with plenty of thump to keep the listener engaged. Each beat creates the emotional atmosphere that Joe explores on a lot of these tracks but can override him in places. Maybe a few softer backings could bring a little more balance but Grind does a good job with what he selected here.

The lyricism is good and is effective at getting his message across. His delivery shows him as a definite London rapper but struggles to break free of the mould. Maybe a little more experimentation could help to increase his appeal to a wider audience. Also, for a five track EP, this had a fair few guests on it taking up room Grind could use to showcase himself more.

Overall, with the guests all doing a good job of their own contributions, this is a good EP from one of London’s own. It does show plenty of room for growth but also a drive and want to improve which should lead to great things in the future.

Ab-Soul – These Days … Review

This is a solid album. It may not be a stand out album of the year but it is more than solid project. Ab-Soul has done extremely well on this project to have not only a track for each group of Hip Hop fans, but a project that all of them can listen to all the way through.

Ab-Souls flow is a huge assest on these tracks as it makes him stand out amoung any features and makes each track easy listening. His lyricism is evident especially on the last track with his battle against Daylyt amd it makes for an enjoyable listen.

The production on the album does come across as very tailored to Ab-Souls style ad makes for a very cohesive project. However it is very easy to be carried away with it and lose track of what Ab-Soul is actually saying.

The only other flaw with the album is the change of production mid-way through the tracks which can lead to a jumbled listening experience if you only want to listen to the second half of a track.

Overall, this is a very good album for Hip Hop enthusiests to enjoy and a great album to boost TDEs standing as an independent powerhouse.