Zothejerk And Frost Gamble – Black Beach Review

This release is another high quality product from a lesser known artist who proves that everyone has a vision. With Zo providing vocals and Gamble doing solid work behind the boards, this is worth a few spins.

The production is great with a good amount of variation, as well as smoother sounds, to allow for a variation in content from the appearing artists. Frost Gamble does well in creating atmosphere and boosting the impact of the lyrics. Maybe something with a little more pop flash could bring in more listeners, but that might not be in the vision of this project.

The lyricism is good, with Zo having some clever rhymes and messages to send to the public. His shout rap delivery sounds generic at first, but as the songs go on, he utilises it well with changes in pace and flow to help keep the songs interesting. There are no major issues here, but it could be difficult to have longevity with this particular style.

The features do a great job of lifting this project up to another level. With some big names included on the selection, each has a fantastic verse and/or chorus that works well with the main duo. Maybe a few singers would add a little more diversity, but this is still a strong bunch of artists to work with.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album with some poignant messages as well as some more entertaining songs that will appeal to a wide audiance. You may not have heard of these names before, but take a chance on this and you wont regret it.

Roc C – Stoned Genius 2 Review

This is a great project as it has a mixture of all the different types of content you could hope for. There is something for everyone on this project and Roc C does a good job showing he can perform well while making music people can enjoy.

The production is great with a few tracks shining out while a few fall a little short. As he attempts to appeal to all, he shows which songs he is more adept at creating but it is good to see himself trying to expand his range. There are no complaints when an artist is trying to better them self.

The lyricism is excellent with Roc C using great delivery to turn even his average bars into hard hitting rhymes that are always enjoyable. His wordplay is clever but not the most complex. Roc should still utilise his incredible vocal powers, but maybe try to use more different lyrical devices to mix it up a bit more.

The features are fantastic and really help make this a great project. Roc C recruits some of the most underrated artists to help create some very cohesive works that merge into this tracklist, but without becoming a sloppy mess. Maybe a few more singers could give this a little edge, but there is definitely no issue with his guest selection.

Overall, this project could be a breakout release for Roc C if enough people give him a chance. This is worthy of a chart spot, but people need to be open to hearing new things from new people.

Guilty Simpson – Detroit’s Son Review

This album is an unfortunate combination of low vocal tones and over bearing backing beats that can make this difficult to hear. Guilty Simpson does a good job but needed to be stronger over the background.

The production is good and has plenty going on for it to stand on its own two feet. There is plenty of layers to make it powerful and heavy hitting. The beats came across as overpowering however, which makes Guilty Simpson become more of a background item on the project. Making the backing more in the background would make this a more enjoyable listen.

The lyricism is enjoyable without being too complex it goes over heads. Guilty uses his signiture tone of voice to make his rhymes have more impact while putting across his points. With plenty of punch behind them, Guilty Simpson has good rhymes, but needed to be more at the forefront of his tracks.

The features bring a lot of extra dimensions to thier tracks by adding depth and additional voices. They each put in a great deal of effort that helps showcase thier talents. Some more features with more singing talent or from further from the rap game could have made some more enjoyable moments but the people on this project do a good job helping out the main artist.

Overall, This album is enjoyable to listen to if you can seek out Guilty Simpson’s rhymes from the beats that simply ride over the top. If you can do that, you willlove this album.