Young Dolph – High Class Street Music 5 (The Plug’s Best Friend) Review

This is another generic type project that is only slightly more enjoyable than the middle of the pack. Young Dolph may need to do more than he is at the moment to move higher up the rap ladder.

The production is good but becomes repetitive and can blend together into one track. The number of tracks crossed with this unfortunate set of beats means that listening to the whole mixtape can be a drag and that the listener may struggle to reach the end. If Young Dolph tries something new and outside of his current formula, it may show he is capable of more than the mediocre work he does on this project.

The lyricism is alright at best but is often poor and unentertaining. The delivery of the lines is what could make them enjoyable but even that does not come across as anything groundbreaking or done particularly well. If Young Dolph made his brand of rap a bit less generic and more lyrical, he may attract a bigger audiance.

The features are good and brings some big names to this project. It is unfortunate that they have been seen to struggle in some of the same areas as Young Dolph and get caught up rapping so much about money and what it means to them. Some of the guests struggle with delivery while others aren’t very lyrical and it all combines to be a bit of a let down when listening to the whole project.

Overall, this is a disappointing mixtape from Young Dolph who may have a steady income from his formulaic music but if he is looking to progress in Hip Hop, he needs to try and explore more styles of rap and new types of beats. Some more experimental features would also not go amiss.