Krept And Konan – The Long Way Home Review

This album has a great balance of all aspects of Hip Hop. There is content, features, beats and lyricism for all rap listeners to enjoy. Krept and Konan flex thier rhyme muscles hard on this album and it comes out as a great project for them and the UK scene.

The production is excellent and is a good blend of refined commercial backing with gritty street tones. The beats all create the atmosphere that enhances the track and helps the impact of the message from each song. It is possible that there are a few more commercial sounds than raw grind that the core audiance enjoys, but this album still has a mostly even balance.

The lyricism is clear and excellent on every track. Each bar is full of a clever lyrical technique that shows not only how intelligent the rappers are, but also how creative rap can be. A few rhymes may go over peoples heads, however that is not the artists fault.

The features are fantastic and all help make this album as great as it is. Each of them help to make this album more of an international effort as well as using thier own skills to show thier level of talent compared to Krept and Konan. Possibly a few more singing features would help on more of the emotional tracks. On the other hand the main artists do a great job on the hooks themselves.

Overall, this is a great album that should appeal to all listeners of the Hip Hop genre. Krept and Konan should be beyond proud of how this album has finished off.

Quilly – HSH 6 Review

This is a good project from Quilly because he has a few songs for each particular content audiance, some drugs and some violence etc, while keeping his individuality and not becoming simply another generic rapper. This is difficult to do and Quilly should be commended on that.

The production is interesting as it doesn’t conform to recent beat culture and be a trap beat or in the vein of DJ Mustard. It is a bit more old school while still sounding polished and new. Quilly may have to try some more culturally new beats in the future but right now he is making good choices of what beats to use.

The lyricism is not the strongest out there, but is good enough to put him slightly ahead of the average rappers. He uses a range of lyrical devices, not frequently but enough, to help his descriptions and make the tracks somewhat more relatable. Adding some more rap techniques in may improve this project somewhat but not by a large amount.

Overall, this is a good project from Quilly but he may need to look at some more experimentation with other aspects of rap if he wants to break more into the mainstream. Some more modern production or more complex wordplay could go a long way ti bringing him up the Hip Hop ladder of success.