Illa J – Illa J Review

This is a nice relaxed album that is easy to kick back to and enjoy in a range of circumstances. Ila J has crafted a project that many different audiances can enjoy

The production is smooth and is almost ethereal in sounds. The tracks have a great basis to be calm and relaxing while being catchy due to thier fairly unique nature in sounds. Illa J could use some different styles of beat to show he can work with more of a variety, but the choice on this shows what Illa J likes and works well with.

The lyricism is good and is enjoyable to hear over the backings. He is complex while being laidback which creates a great atmosphere when listening to the songs. Some different flows could show more diversity in Illa J’s delivery but he knows what works for him and uses it to great effect.

The features help break up the project so that Illa J does not become boring. They put in good effort and help build the cohesive project by working well with Illa J. A wider variety of guests could have created some more interesting moments.

Overall, this is a wonderful project to lay back and listen to but may not be energising enough for the gym or other physical activity. Illa J should be proud of what he has made.

Slum Village – YES Review

This album has a lot of elements to take the listener back to a different time in Hip Hop. If it wasn’t for the topical content, this could have been a ninties project.

The production is very laidback and eases in the listener to the whole experiance. It is easy listening for the most part with a few sharper moments that lend itself to the more politically inclined lyrics. A few more beats with a modern feel could show that Slum Village accepts the modern era of Hip Hop, but thier beat selection fits extremely well with thier style.

The lyricism is strong and flows through the whole project. Every member does a great job layering thier rhymes to help with the imagery as well as the rhythem of the tracks. There are very few improvement to be made of thier individual performances.

The features all add to the feel of the tracks and build up the lyrical repetoire. All of them add good verses and have a great deal of chemistry with the group. A few features with more of a presence in Hip Hop could help attract a few new listeners, however Slum Village have selected thier guests well.

Overall, this is a good kickback album with a lot of good points and no clear bad ones. All of Slum Village should be proud of keeping thier sound all these years.