Masta Killa – Loyalty Is Royalty Review

This is a strong showing of why you can’t think any member of the Wu-Tang Clan is not talented. Masta Killa may not be the most well known member of the collective, but he can still make high quality music.

The production is a throwback to the nineties with its haunting and darker sounds than a lot of modern beats. While it can seem like some of the backings can be confused for each other, they all create the right atmosphere for the track they are part of. Maybe something with more of a modern feel could help bring Masta Killa an edge for the newer audience, but the selection here works excellently for the project.

The lyricism is great with the rhymes full of passion and clever lyrical devices to increase the level of description. The delivery helps with the skill and dexterity needed to make it sound so effortless. Some changes in flow might help show a little more flexibility but the bars in this show that Masta Killa is still hungry to make quality music.

The features do a great job of fleshing out this release and showing not only that the Clan is still strong, but also some of the other connections that Masta Killa has made. Each of the features shows why they are talented while keeping a high level of consistency for the project overall. Something a little further from the Hip Hop field might make a few more interesting moments, but there is no doubting the star power of the guests here.

Overall, this release has some great messages as well as a lot of enjoyability. Masta Killa has done a great job curating this album and hopefully it gets the recognition is deserves.

Joell Ortiz – That’s Hip Hop Review

This project is a great representation of how Joell Ortiz feels about the state of New York hip hop as well as hip hop overall. The way he rhymes combined with the backing from Domingo shows he is still hungry and wants to push New York back towards the top.

The production is good as there is plenty of variation so that Joell can explore more subject matter. Domingo may not have a true signature sound but he does have a flavour that is present on each song. Once he develops a bit more, his beats will stand out more but this project shows he is no slouch.

The lyricism is incredible with Joell mixing a lot of different elements into very clever lines. He flexes his lyrical muscles and paints vivid pictures as well as using very witty lines to get his point across. There is little room for improvement on this side with his passion really driving the project forward.

The features add a lot to this project as they make up a large portion of the verses. Each brings a lot of effort but some sound more on point than others. None do a bad job but some review of who to use on each track for maximum effectiveness.

Overall, this project shows that Joell Ortiz is a force in hip hop and that he believes New York hip hop can be revived back to the glory days. he just needs more assistance from the rest of New York.

Major Lazer – Peace Is The Mission Review

This album is full of positive energy to help anyone get through thier day. There are influences from a few genres while Major Lazer keeps his signiture sound and weaves a great tapestry and energetic tunes.

The production is amazing and smooth. Each track is definitive in its uniqueness and has its own feel while sharing the same positiveness. There is a good range of fast to slower tracks without any negative energy and this helps make this an easy to listen to project.

The lyricism is enjoyable and is not tied down to one genre. There is singing, rapping and everything in between to make the songs on this album. This all leads towards an album that is cohesive and stays interesting until the very end. It does start to lean more towards pop than the influences it starts with but the words on this all help to make the tracks as fantastic as they are.

The features on this album all work together very well to make a projct that merges a lot of different elements to make a tracklist of very cohesive music. Each artist brings some of thier own flavour to the tracks and flourishes over production that is worked to gel with the artists performance. The choice of guests is flawless with no mis steps from any of them.

Overall, this album contains a lot of highs and no lows. The team behind this should be extremely happy about how this project turned out and listeners should be looking forward to how great this project truly is.

G-Unit – The Beast is G-Unit Review

This is an enjoyable effort and should be seen as the other half of thier album when put together with thier previous EP “The Beauty of Independance”. It is still a cohesive listen but is of a more street level, much like thier debut album.

The production is great and comes across as very polished while being energetic and somewhat menacing in places. The sounds used combined with the nature of the songs help to make a set of songs that show each of the members showcasing thier rap style and how well they can rap over production of this quality.

The lyricism is great by some members but not so by others. However they all have powerful delivery and this helps make up for any lyrical shortcomings that may be found on this EP. It is possible that some more lyrical devices would improve this project but not by much as it is only six songs that all combine together well without too much lyrical input.

There aren’t any features which is good because there are five members of G-Unit and only six track on this EP. Any guests would have taken away valuable time from one of the members which would have made this project much less cohesive to listen to.

Overall, this is a good effort from G-Unit, but these batches of six songs need to be part of a longer project forthe world  ton see that the group can consistently churn out good music and can structure it into a full length release. It also couldn’t hurt to try a feature or two to see if the members can work with others outside the group.

Trinidad James – No One Is Safe Review

This is more of the same Trinidad James that you have heard on all his other projects. If James wants to continue in the music industry at all, he needs to shake it up and start introducing something new to his formula.

The production is good and actually makes for quite an interesting listen. Each track is definitely differentiated from the others and has some properties that fit in with James’ formula. The sounds used are out of the norm and it helps to make the production stand out.

The lyricism is ok, but nothing to go crazy over. James includes a couple of touches of greatness and potential, but they are few and far between. The content is generic and is filled with vulgar and unimpressive references that are dull and boring to hear.

THe features are better than Trinidad James but are still not the elite in rap. While the features are alright and help bring a certain amount of respectable alliances to the project, they all run in the same vein as James and don’t bring any new or interesting ideas to the table as far as content is concerned.

Overall, this is a good project if you already Liked Trinidad James but if you aren’t a fan already, this is not the project that is going to do it. This is the same repetition of James that we have always seen and is nothing new or exciting to get hyped up about.

Black Milk – If There’s a Hell Below Review

Black Milk has proved himself to be quite the MC. His skills have grown as both a producer and as a rapper and they have made this project very enjoyable. While being quite dark and brooding through the whole album, the style of rapping and the subject matter make the transition between tracks very smooth. This is also helped with the sections of the song at the beginning and end of each track, which ease the listener between the different productions on the different songs and makes a full run through of all the tracks much smoother.

The lyricism is vibrant and exciting against the beats. Black Milk shines through on the double time areas of the album where he adds to the fast paced backing beat and helps to bring together some elements of the track. The story telling element of the project is fantastic and helps to lend substance to the album and keeps the listener interested.

The production fits perfectly with the album title. It sounds chaotic with a lot of strange sounds but with the lyrical content and subject matter, it all flows together and creates the perfect atmosphere for what the track is trying to do. If hell has a soundtrack, it is the backing beats on this album, with some general screaming thrown in.

The features all help to lend new voices and points of view to the tracks they are on and lend an air of diversity to the album. While it would not be monotonous, it is refreshing to hear more than one voice through the album and the picked features all do it very well.

Overall, This album has raw emotional energy that can be related to by those with similar troubles, but may not be suitable if your feeling pretty good and happy. However, when listening to the album you can sit back, compare lives, take stock and realise maybe things could be worse. This is a great album technically and Black Milk should be praised for how well this project has come out.