21 Savage – Issa Album Review

This release is good as a concept, but lacks the push to make it a success. 21 Savage starts off well, but runs out of steam towards the end with a few missteps along the way.

The production is great, with a more sweetened taste to it rather than the darker sounds some might have been expecting. Each beat has similar elements, but works well with Savage and his delivery. It is good that Savage is trying to spread his musical wings, and not straying too far from his musical roots is definitely a good choice.

The lyricism is alright, as Savage uses some wordplay for descriptive power. However, at a run time of fifty seven minutes or so, he does not have the depth in his rhymes to keep them hitting hard for the whole project. Some improvement, whether it be in changes of flow or lyrical prowess, would go a long way here.

Overall, with no features to help break up the monotony of 21 Savage’s drawling delivery, this shows some want not to be typecast as any one kind of rapper. However, some work is done as Savage sounds especially out of place on the love songs and some consolidation of album length would help too.

Issa – This Summer Review

This is an enjoyable album to have on in the background but there is too much autotune and repetition to be really focused on. Focusing on it shows the flaws in it.

The production reflects the title with a lot of relaxed beats that are very easy to hear. The backings are very cohesive and run together smoothly without becoming one long mess. However a few more variations in beat selection could have made a more balanced project.

The lyricism is alright but there is nothing complicated about it. It is all straightforward, which works well in doses, but over the whole project, it can become boring. A few more changes in delivery could make more entertaining songs.

The features do a good job breaking up the monotony of Issa. Each puts in some good effort and makes an entertaining verse. A couple of features with a bit more singing could have helped Issa out in that department but the choice of features here are a good choice.

Overall, this is a good background mixtape but if your looking for something engaging, you may want to look elsewhere. Issa has some work to do if he wants to become a power in Hip Hop.

Yakki Divioshi, Issa and Coca Vango – Best Kept Secrets Review

This is a good advertising mixtape for all the featured artists to help get thier names up, but there is nothing in this that shows that they should be in the mainstream’s eye. While the trio can make perfectly reasonable generic music, it doesn’t do anything to make it personal ot them and make it thier own.

The production is good for what the main artists want to rap about, but there is nothing to make it stand out from the rest of the beats that are out in the world and only helps the tracks seem more average rather than excellent. Some more attempts at something out of thier comfort zone may create some more interesting results.

The lyricism is not above average and may even be considered below average. While they each have some good delivery and performance giving ability, there is nothing very complex about what it is that they are rapping about. With some more creativity thrown in, this may have been a much more well recieved track list.

It is a good choice to have no features are not to force songs where all three of them are putting in verses. THis way, the songs at least become cohesive instead of jarring and out of place. This is one of the best things about this mixtape.

Overall, this is an average mixtape but is a good way to get the main artists more recognition. If they want to get higher on the rap ladder, they need to try making songs that are more universal and apply to the more average man, rather than just to people who have experianced exactly the same as them.