J. Cole – 4 Your Eyes Only Review

This release is a smooth and thought provoking journey that has a lot of replay value. J Cole is a master at making cohesive albums and this one does not disappoint.

The production is simpler then most other releases out there, with less background noise to help show off the actual artist. Each beat still has good impact with the listener and is one of the reason a full listen through is no work at all.

The lyricism is strong, with J Cole using his flow and clever wordplay to tell the stories and educate in these songs. There is vivid imagery all the way through this project and the delivery is getting the words across to the listener rather than shouted at them, as the trends in rap might suggest.

Overall, with no features to cloud Cole’s performance. This will be another great release from another visionary artist that will reverberate with audiences for a long time.

Illa J – Illa J Review

This is a nice relaxed album that is easy to kick back to and enjoy in a range of circumstances. Ila J has crafted a project that many different audiances can enjoy

The production is smooth and is almost ethereal in sounds. The tracks have a great basis to be calm and relaxing while being catchy due to thier fairly unique nature in sounds. Illa J could use some different styles of beat to show he can work with more of a variety, but the choice on this shows what Illa J likes and works well with.

The lyricism is good and is enjoyable to hear over the backings. He is complex while being laidback which creates a great atmosphere when listening to the songs. Some different flows could show more diversity in Illa J’s delivery but he knows what works for him and uses it to great effect.

The features help break up the project so that Illa J does not become boring. They put in good effort and help build the cohesive project by working well with Illa J. A wider variety of guests could have created some more interesting moments.

Overall, this is a wonderful project to lay back and listen to but may not be energising enough for the gym or other physical activity. Illa J should be proud of what he has made.

Juicy J – 100% Juice Review

This mixtape is not breaking any new ground at all and is a rehashing of everything we have already heard from Juicy J. He needs to break the formula if he wants to bring in new listeners.

The production is a lot of what we normally hear on a track from Juicy J and becomes stale very quickly. While there are some interesting sounds and some good beats in there, there is also a lot of similarities between them as well as what is on the market right now. A few attempts at trying something new to show that he can climb out of the rut he is stuck in could be great, however Juicy J seems caught in hat he already knows he can do.

The lyricism is straight forward and packed with an impactful delivery, but lacks any content that will stick with the listener. Juicy J can craft rhymes about a few things with some effectiveness but it is lacking in diversity which makes the tracks harder to listen through. A bit more variation could lead to more poeple being interested in the music on this project.

The features don’t bring a lot to the mixtape as some do great and others very little. The guestslater on in the project do a better job, but earlier they are very similar to Juicy J themselves. Maybe some guests who compliment rather than imitate could lead to more interesting moments.

Overall, this mixtape is fine if you want to hear more of what Juicy J can already make, but if you were expecting something new from him, you will be disappointed.

Insane Clown Posse – The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost) Review

This album is the group name personified. It is full of dark tones and crazy rhymes that can be enjoyed if you are not of the faint of heart.

The production is dark and almost soul crushing. There are a lot of lower pitch noises and crunching sounds that help bring the atmosphere down to the level of the tracks. All the beats are similar but distinctive. Some beats that have a somewhat cheerier background could show a more complete project but would not fit in with the groups style.

The lyrics may not be complex but slide into the beats wonderfully. The aggression and almost depression of the lyrics fit with the backing beats and create the gruesome images that they are portraying. Some tracks with brighter messages could show they have skills that apply to more types of tracks, but this album requires the dark side for its theme.

Overall, this is a great showing from Insane Clown Posse with thier signature style and topic of song, but is not for the light hearted and cheery. They keep it aggressive and graphic while being enjoyable still.

Juicy J – Blue Dream and Lean 2 Review

This is an enjoyable project if you are the target audience of stoners, If you do not fall in that category however, this may be a repetitive project that may be difficult to hear all the way through.

The production is classic Juicy J and is exactly what you expect to hear on one of his projects. The bass is in heavy use throughout the project and there is no big melodies that play on almost any track. With some more variation and experimentation outside this single track formula, this may have a wider audience.

The lyricism is nothing special as yet another content driven project comes to light. With your typical tracks about drugs, women and money come together, with one offering about the recent shootings of young black men, these songs may have been made by almost anyone. It is Juicy J’s flow and cadence that makes this remotely interesting to listen to.

The features are good, with exception of Project Pat, and put in some good efforts for the most part. Pat is the anomaly because he is so very like Juicy J in the first place that when finding Juicy repetitive, it simply comes across as more of the same. However the rest of the features out in great work and diversify the project to a more enjoyable level.

Overall, this is a good project for stoners to listen to, but if you are looking for something refreshing to listen to, this is not it. Juicy may need to try a new angle or fresh approach if he wants to keep expanding his fan base.

J Stone – 25/8: No Breaks Review

This is a good showcase for J Stone and it really does show that he is growing as a force in Hip Hop. He may not be the most well known rapper but he does well to show why he should be better known with this mixtape.

The production is good and gives a good base for Stone to build on. While the beats are not overly exciting or engaging, they give a cohesive feel when combined with Stone’s rapping. While some of the beats may be considered basic or simple, they are still effective and enjoyable songs to listen to.

The lyricism is good and apparent on a lot of tracks. While some of it is not the most complex of wordplay, it is all clever and used in a lot of the lines. Stone does well to weave in these techniques while staying on point with the message on each song which helps to build on the cohesiveness of each track.

The features are good and show that J Stone can work well with other rappers. While that may have been obvious from his connection with Nipsey Hussle, the features on here are good by themselves and also good when compared to J Stone, without making Stone look feeble. A great lyrical effort by Stone has made a great lyrical project.

Overall, this is a good project with Stone looking like he is going to grow in the music industry this year if he can keep putting out work like this. If he puts some more enticing beats in with his lyrics, he could go far in Hip Hop