2 Chainz – Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Review

This release shows that 2 Chainz knows his core audience, but doesn’t grow to increase his listeners and therefore earn more money, as one of the songs on here is all about. Something to think about at least.

The production is good with a lot of interesting and entertaining sounds that create a lot of energy and keep it flowing through the whole project. A lot of the beats however are very much within the wheel house of the main artist. Trying to expand his repertoire further out of his comfort zone would make a more balanced release.

The lyricism is good, but is more of the same from 2 Chainz. He has respectable wordplay and his delivery is still entertaining, but his hooks are repetitive and the content is more of the same. Something fresh could give a lot of boost to this release, but it would have to be a big boost.

The features do great at breaking up the monotony that can set in by adding fresh voices and styles to the mix. Each does a good job of showing what they are capable of, but also at bringing fresh energy streams in ot stimulate this project and stop it dropping rankings any further. Some more singers would help bring more diversity too.

Overall, this will appeal to Chainz’s core audience, but does not have a lot to give other rap listeners. The title does not reflect the content and a lot of it will already have been heard before.

Vince Staples – Summertime ’06 Review

This album is great as the production does enough for the lyrics to shine through as the focal point. Vince Staples has put together an album that truly showcases his talents instead of being beat heavy as so many projects are.

The production is excellent and works well with Vince Staple’s ability. While some may critiscise it for not having enough in it to make it interesting, it’s simplistic and yet effective to help Vince Staples become famous for being Vince Staples. A couple of beats with more modern taste with more instruments used could help attract a younger audiance, but the selection here is exactly what the project needed.

The lyricism is good and really helps to show the imagery that Vince Staples is so good at. His flow and kaidance are another asset to this album and help make this a great album. Maybe a couple of instances of more complicated lyrical techniques could help bring in a bigger audiance, however Vince does a great job showcasing his talent.

The features all do a good job of diversifying the project. They all bring good efforts and break up the effots of only hearing one voice. A couple of singing features would eliminate autotune from this album, however the choices for the guests have a lot of chemistry and make good tracks.

Overall, this is a good album that relies on Vince to make it great. He comes through and this is highly enjoyable for any listener.

Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise Review

This is a good project for lyricism andbeats, but Big Sean’s delivery can become monotonous if you listen to it for a lengthy amount of time. However the high level of diversity when it comes to features and beats helps make this an enjoyable listen.

The production is excellent with a high level of quality and range. Each track is different from the one before and fits with the content of each song very well. Some could argue that there is not a lot of slower tracks or not a lot of emotional tracks in comparison to the number of songs on the project, but there is a lot of energy throughout the album so you tend not to notice too much.

The lyricism is good and above average, if let down by Sean’s delivery. The way the rhymes are put together is very clever and entertaining to listen to. The patterns used and the schemes involved are intricate and complex enough to attract that audiance in Hip Hop. However the performance from Big Sean does not have a lot of variation and instead seems to drone on in a way that makes it difficult to really get into the lyricism.

The features are also good as they help bring the variation to the project that Big Sean fails to bring. Eaxch is different to Sean in either style or delivery. Even a change in pitch or vocal tone helps to make the album more enjoyable overall.

Overall, this is an enjoyable project due to the energy and lyricism involved but the lack of forward moving when it comes to Sean’s performance holds this album back. While this can be a problem, the general project is very good and of very high quality, to be enjoyed by almost any fan of Hip Hop.