Future – Monster Review

This is an album filled with songs that are not only formulaic and fairly repetitive, but are also already present on previous projects. While there are some new tracks some, maybe most, have been on mixtapes released before hand to promote the project.

The production is good and helps to bring the project up to a more enjoyable level. While each track is not unique, they are differentiated enough to distinguish them from one another. Some beats that don’t sound like they were cranked out of a machine, but are played on instruments may bolster the entertainment further.

The lyricism is improving but is not nearly enough to drive the tracks. Future is well known for his use of autotune and while it can make some songs more fulfilling to the listener, it detracts from his delivery and performance overall. If Future showed what he could do without autotune, he may gain more followers.

The features are alright but don’t bring out the best in Future. While they may put on good individual performances, they simply show that Future can work with others, but at the cost of showing his lyrical weaknesses. He may want to find some guests who would bring out more of a competitive side.

Overall, this is a mediocre album that simply reminds the listener of previous projects that Future has released. Future makes music that a certain audiance enjoys, but he needs to work harder to move in a fresh direction and gain a wider audiance.

Juvenile – Mardi Gras 2 Review

This is an enjoyable project with a lot of high tempo music but without much real substance, it can lose a lot of its flavour. Energy helps make a project but it does not make it alone.

The production is excellent and helps to add additional flavour to every song. It has a lot of energy that helps the mixtape seem more enjoyable. However, the songs don’t have a lot of replay value apart from the odd one or two. While Juvenile does a good job over the top of the beats, the energy by itself is not enough to make them great.

The lyricism is alright but nothing crazy. Juvenile does have spots of wordplay and other rap devices that shine bright through the rest of his mediocre rhyming but it is not enough to make a song great. His delivery is what tips it to the edge of greatness.

The features are good and help to diversify the tracks they are on which helps improve the project overall. Each guest puts in a good effort, even if some don’t quite pull off great verses. If some of the same people weren’t repeatedly used, that may have improved the mixtape even more as it wouldn’t be using those people as a crutch.

Overall, this is an interesting and enjoyable mixtape that does not live up to the festival it is named after but is worth a spin or two. Juvenile may need to look at where his career is heading if he continues to make projects like this however.

Future – Beast Mode Review

This is more of the same Future that we get on each project and track that we get from here. The difference here is the production from Zaytoven combined with his chemistry with Future makes these very cohesive and well blended tracks that are of a more enjoyable quality than normal.

Zaytoven does very well with the production to keep it interesting while allowing Future to take a front seat. The sounds used and the tempo make this energetic and fluid project easy to listen to and actually pretty fun. The way each song transitions into the next would make it seem like one long track if the beats weren’t differentiated the way they are.

The lyricism is alright but Future focuses on autotune delivery to make these tracks more interesting. The lyrics dont seem to be as important to Future as the level of autotune as there is a lot of repetition on these tracks. If he tried to be more original and tried shaking up his approach to music, Future may go a lot further in the Hip Hop business.

The feature does well to alleviate the repetitive nature of autotune and content by adding a new angle and delivery to the whole project. Although there is only one feature on one track, Juvenile does good work in putting in the verse that bumps this project up a few ranks in the ratings.

Overall, this is an alright project for Future but a great one for Zaytoven. Future needs to re-evaluate his approach to a track while Zaytoven needs to keep putting in work like this and he will get more recognition.