K Camp – K.I.S.S 3 Review

This mixtape is great for a slower, personnal listen which is where K Camp excels. He creates some great tracks here that all follow a base formula.

The production is refined and fairly simple and yet is very effective when K Camp is both rapping and crooning over them. The beats don’t use many sounds or effects but leaves plenty of scope for K Camp to explore his song making abilities. Some more energized tracks could show a more complete project creating ability, but K Camp knows where he does his best work and stays right in that comfort zone.

The lyricism is not overly complex but K Camp relies on his ability to rap and sing to Mae these tracks work. His delivery is paramount and his versatility is what makes him valuable on any song. Maybe some more complicated rhymes could show he can do more than sing hooks over simple raps but that is not to say he is not effective.

The features all help to flesh out the tracks with enjoyable verses. They all do a good job while giving a point of comparison to K Camp and showing how good each artist actually is. Some more variation in guests could show a wider reach of influence for K Camp but the selection here is good for only nine tracks.

Overall, this mixtape is a small showing of what K Camp is capable of. His future project as should take this work and expand on it to help make K Camp a more balanced artist.

Machine Gun Kelly – General Admission Review

This project is a bit of a rehash of previous work, but MGK approaches in enough new ways with fresh energy to make new tracks. There are some that seem very similar but there are just enough differences to make it passable.

The production is heavily rock based with HipHop elements thrown in. This causes a lot of great backing moments and a fresh influence for rap to come back to. Rock has always had a part in Hip Hop, but has always been hit and miss. MGK does make a good job with the beats, but may want to look for other influences in the future.

The lyricism is fast paced and hard hitting with a lot of emotional content. MGK really packs the rhymes with passion and meaning while using a variety of techniques to add impact. He may want to look at exploring new areas however as he tends to lean on the same things to rap about.

The features are good as they break up the verbel punching from MGK while allowing others to show thier skill. Each puts in a lot of effort and helps to increase the cohesiveness of the project. However some more rappers to push MGK to new hieghts would be welcome.

Overall, this is an enjoyable album if you enjoy emotional and sometimes painful journeys through another mans mind. MGK has explored his deeper self and may want to start looking elsewhere.

K Camp – One Way Review

This is a good showcase of how K Camp can use his talents to make generic content songs a bit more exciting. With his ability to add some singing, or at least a close substitute to, into the mix helps make a more interesting listen.

The production is good and is a good mixture of important features for a good listen. The beats are interesting enough to listen to , but also have spots where K Camp really stands out and can be heard. It makes for a more enjoyable listen and a good base for K Camp to build on.

The lyricism is there but is not a prominent point on the project. While there is some impressive wordplay the more important things are the combo of singing and rapping to make the generic content seem fresh and revitalised. K Camp’s performance and delivery on this is impressive but if some more wordplay were to be involved, the project would be improved somewhat.

The features on this project are also good and help K Camp improve his chemistry with others on the tracks. Each helps to contrast what K Camp brings to the table as well as shows the skills each of the features themselves has to offer.

Overall, this is an enjoyable listen and a good point for K Camp in his career. With his blend of deliveries and his ability to sound different from the rest of his rap generation, he should become more of a figure in Hip Hop than he is now.