Kevin Gates – By Any Means 2 Review

This release adds another strong showing to an already great mixtape catalog. Kevin Gates doesn’t let being behind bars slow him down as he puts out more solid music.

The production is good as the highs and lows explored on the project are mimicked in the beats. Each creates an effective atmosphere for the message of the song and really help with the cohesiveness. Maybe something with some more real instruments would have made another interesting moment, but the selection here works very well.

The lyricism strong with Gates using a lot of different devices used to great effect. The delivery of the lines is another asset that helps lift this to another level. There are no issues with the performance here.

Overall, with the decision to have only one feature to help add some more singing, Gates shows a complete range of skills. Maybe when he is released he can keep this momentum going.

Kevin Gates – Islah Review

This album is vintage Kevin Gates with a great mixture of deep emotion and aggression. He keeps this balance well through the whole project with good energy to keep it going.

The production is smooth and has a good level of diversity. The beats are individual and there is no way they are getting mixed up together. There are no real problems with the beat selection here as Kevin has used them to maximum effectiveness.

The lyricism is good as Kevin Gates maximises his imagery with clever wordplay and descriptive ability. He uses his rhymes to really put the pictures into the listeners head and help them connect with the music. Again, there are no real issues with this element of the project.

The features are smart as they all appear on the same track. This means that for most of the project, Kevin Gates can showcase his own abilities without compromising space for others. Each of the guests puts in a lot of effort and the song they are on is fantastic.

Overall, this project is amazing and Kevin Gates should be proud of what he has made here. Without compromising his principles, he has shown a tough and soft side that makes a very balanced album.

Kevin Gates – Murder For Hire Review

This project is very short in comparison to other mixtapes Gates has put out before, but it is extremely cohesive and can be played on repeat without losing its enjoyment. Gates is showing that he can make music that people enjoy, while keeping his own street identity.

The production is excellent and keeps the high energy level that makes the tracks that Gates is his best on. While they have this energy level, each is distinctive enough that they don’t get confused with each other. A few slower tracks may have made a more well rounded project, however this short mixtape is a good reminder of how good Gates’ beat selection is.

The lyricism is good and helps with the imagery that Gates puts in his rhymes. While his lyrics arent overly complex and weaved with layerd devices, his delivery and passion shine through and really boost the impact of the rhymes. Gates may want to look into making his raps a touch more complicated to help attract that audiance of Hip Hop, but he is definately already effective with his current skills.

The choice to only have one feature is a strong one on a project that only has seven tracks. This gives Gates more of an opportunity to show what he can do instead of promote other artists through his mixtape. The feature does do well to put in a good verse and boost the track they are on.

Overall, this is a good mixtape for bursts of energy and for Kevin Gates to show how he is developing as an artist. When he comes out with a studio album, if it contains songs like these, it should be a hit with Hip Hop audiances the world over.

Kevin Mccall and Constantine – RNG Muzic Review

This is a good showcase of the main artists skill. The combination of new tracks mixed with remixes of popular songs makes for a very enjoyable listen through.

The production is good and comes across as a good effort toward a more mainstream success. Using popular beats and remaking them into their own style of song helps to showcase their individual skills. The Beats are varied and open up a range of context and flows which help to make this project even more enjoyable.

The lyricism is alright but needs to be a more impressive aspect of this mixtape. There is some lyricism involved in this project and it is good to help the imagery involved in these tracks. However there are some patches that are lacking in the wordplay department which can show some inconsistency in their writing.

The features on this mixtape are good and help to show the cohesiveness of Kevin and Constantine. When there is a feature on the tracks, both the main artists as well as the feature put in extra effort to try and top the others and make an even greater track.

Overall, this is a good project for Kevin McCall and Constantine, helping them bridge to the mainstream. With a few more projects like this, they could become a large pieve of the Hip Hop Genre

Kevin Gates – Luca Brasi 2 Review

This is a great mixtape and has everything that a project needs to be considered a classic. It has range, wordplay, a great delivery and a good theme running through it. This is a great work of Hip Hop and should be listened to by everyone and Kevin Gates is shown as a great force in the rap game.

The production is good while being dark and gritty. This fits with the running theme and helps to build the atmosphere on the project to make it more enjoyable and enthralling. The beats cause the listener to be sucked into a monochrome world of gangsters and the streets and it is a fantastic listen through.

The lyricism is very good and clear on every track. Gates does well when it comes to storytelling on some of the tracks and does well to relate to his own experience on other songs. He weaves these moments together to create a flowing track list that is an easy and enjoyable listen that is worth more than one listen.

The features are good and help bring the mob feeling to the mixtape. This is good since the mixtape is named after a mobster. They help to bring out a more cohesive project, since they break up the monotony of one voice, and help add depth to an already fairly deep mixtape.

Overall, this is a very good mixtape that should be commended for pretty much every aspect of rap and Hip Hop. Fans of rap, Hip Hop or Kevin Gates should give this album a chance as it will soon become one of you more played projects of recent years.

Nike KD7 basketball shoe review

This is a quick moving, high jumping shoe. The cushioning is of such great quality that when you jump into the air it actually feels like the shoe is propelling you away from the ground and toward the hoop. The airbag is great and helps protect the heel of your foot while adding an attractive look to the shoe overall.

The upper is breathable mesh while the heel is hyperposite construction to lend a feeling of support and manoeuvrability. The Flywire helps to lockdown the shoe for a feeling of almost bonding the shoe to your foot and helping to create a good flow of energy between the foot and the floor.

The foot strap is great for keeping the laces under control and for holding the shoe close to the foot to help stop the loss of energy between foot and shoe. It also helps add another stunning visual point from a cosmetic point of view.

Overall, this is a great shoe for both speed and for lift off and should have great success on the court.