Project Pat – Cheez N Dope 3 Review

This is a generic sounding project that dies not live up to Project Pat’s potential. The large majority of it is repetitive and simply forgettable with a few exceptions. Even the features make Pat look average. This is not the project that shows Pat in his best light.

The production is mediocre to start but does improve towards the end of the mixtape. It feels weak at the beginning with Pat’s aggressive delivery far overshadowing the beats. However as the project plays through the production builds in strength and helps to improve the tracks overall. By the end the production is slightly above average production but still not great.

The lyricism is poor but Pat’s delivery helps make it more entertaining. There is a lot of repetition and some basic wordplay but nothing that might interest fans of pure Hip Hop lyricism. Pat sticks to what he knows with content, style and even some of the features but his lyricism needs some work if he wants to expand his audience.

The features are good, but show that Project Pat isn’t as good a performer as he thinks. The other features outshine Pat and make him look average or worse. Juicy J especially makes him look worse because his style is so similar to Pat’s own but he does it much better. This is not a good look for Pat.

Overall, if your a fan of Pat’s previous work, you might enjoy this. However if your looking for something classic and timeless to listen to, this may not be the choice your looking for. If Pat wants to appeal to a wider audience, he needs to change a lot of things.

King Ray – Kush 2 Review

This is a good project from King Ray. The mixtape is only eleven tracks long which means it needs to be cohesive to be a success. Luckily this is cohesive but not so much so that it blends into one really long song. While some of the tracks may be similar, the layout and the way Ray approaches each track makes each definitive and unique to the mixtape.

The production is good and fits with King Ray’s style. It is very reminiscent of G-Funk but with a more modern twist. Still sounding very much like being at the beach or the tropics. They are bouncy and have a calming energy about them while still keeping you in a state of readiness.

The lyricism is good but not the most lyrical that the world has ever seen. The choruses are repetitive and some of the more emotional tracks can seem forced but Ray works well with the rest and creates a project with a lot of re-listen ability. He may need to work on some of his more complex wordplay to appeal to all corners of the Hip Hop audience but his lyricism is still good.

The features are good and add a sense of diversity to the project. While they may be similar to King Ray himself, they do help to stop the project becoming monotonous. They may not stand out too much against Ray or the beat type, but they really make a more colourful palette for the mixtape to play with.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable project to listen to but may not appeal to everyone. However it is definitely worth a listen or two for everyone to decide if they like it or not as this project really could go either way for each individual listener.