Kool G Rap – Return Of The Don Review

This is a good release with Kool G Rap making a lot of clever decisions to increase replay ability. Shortened songs and great guests help elevate this even higher.

The production is fantastic with MoSS providing good backdrops for each track, and creating a good atmosphere. There are similar elements in each song, but they are still individual. Maybe something a little further from the formula would show the artists in another light, but MoSS has provided songs that allow the vocalists to excel at what they do.

The lyricism is clever with Kool G Rap using his delivery to add more impact to his rhymes. The bars might not be the most complex, however they do carry a lot of weight and land hard with the listener. Some change in flow might help separate out Kool’s performances, but the guests also help to do that so it is not the biggest issue.

The features are great and do a good job of pushing this project forward. Each puts in an amazing verse that helps push Kool G Rap onto further greatness as well as showing that they are at the top of their respective games. With some rap legends keeping their names alive on here, the artists here are a great selection to have on any project.

Overall, this is another release from a veteran that could teach newer artist how to make music with longevity. With plenty of replay value, this is definitely worth a few listens.

Joell Ortiz – That’s Hip Hop Review

This project is a great representation of how Joell Ortiz feels about the state of New York hip hop as well as hip hop overall. The way he rhymes combined with the backing from Domingo shows he is still hungry and wants to push New York back towards the top.

The production is good as there is plenty of variation so that Joell can explore more subject matter. Domingo may not have a true signature sound but he does have a flavour that is present on each song. Once he develops a bit more, his beats will stand out more but this project shows he is no slouch.

The lyricism is incredible with Joell mixing a lot of different elements into very clever lines. He flexes his lyrical muscles and paints vivid pictures as well as using very witty lines to get his point across. There is little room for improvement on this side with his passion really driving the project forward.

The features add a lot to this project as they make up a large portion of the verses. Each brings a lot of effort but some sound more on point than others. None do a bad job but some review of who to use on each track for maximum effectiveness.

Overall, this project shows that Joell Ortiz is a force in hip hop and that he believes New York hip hop can be revived back to the glory days. he just needs more assistance from the rest of New York.

Ghostface Killah – 36 Seasons Review

This is a good album. A timeless and classy feel while still showcasing Ghostface’s signature style. This has the feel of an old album while maintaining roots in the modern age of Hip Hop. This is a god addition to this years Wu-Tang Clan releases.

The production is good and is refreshing to the ear as it sounds like real instruments. It can’t be proved if it is or not, but it’s good to hear something that doesn’t sound totally manufactured, but has had thought go into it. It doesn’t exactly flow but that is part of its charm when the content is considered. It is a bit jagged in places but is a very enjoyable listening experience.

The lyricism is definitely there and really helps with the story telling of this album. Ghostface weaves tapestries in the songs, helped by his features, that paint vivid pictures of whats happened to him and other content. It is very powerful, while not being the elite of the elite, and should be commended in its efforts.

The features are good and can take a moment to celebrate how Ghostface can work well with select emcees or with new artists as well as the other. The features can add a new perspective or change the pace on the tracks which helps to add more to the song than if Ghostface was on it alone. It expands the meaning of the song and it can help connect more with the listener.

A surprise part of this album is that the second half of the project is the instrumentals from the first half. This gives you a closer glimpse into the world of song creating as you have the piece of the puzzle the artist started with and the end product that they turned it into. It is quite remarkable how they can see a song from just the backing.

Overall, this is a good album to listen intently to or enjoy in the background, but if you want music to get you pumped up, this may not be the best album for you. This is a journey, not an energy pill.