Dr Octagon – Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation Review

This release is a nice throwback to the boom bap era with a lot of excellent features. All three members do great jobs to ensure this is an excellent project.

The production is steller with a lot of different backings that are different from the mainstream offerings. The creepy offerings fit with the slightly off, almost uncomfortable, rhythm to make enjoyable but also somewhat chilling tracks. Something a little smoother could make something a bit more universal, but that is not what this album is about.

The lyricism is fantastic with the delivery amplifying the results. Each line is crafted to use creative devices for smart wordplay that fits with the atmosphere of the track. There are no issues with this performance as it is entertaining while remaining unique.

The guests do good work, even if they only appear on one track. The song shows a lot of cohesion between the artists and that they can work well with others as well as among themselves. Some more features could help build the cohesion a little more, but the group does such good work on the song that other voices may not be necessary.

Overall, this is a fantastic album that shows that this talented trio can all make great music after all these years. Kool Kieth, Dan The Automater and DJ Qbert should all be proud of this release and continue to pursue their endeavors for their fan base, whether together or apart.

Leaf Dog – Dyslexic Disciple Review

This release is a good showing of UK alternative rap with a lot of solid aspects with a lot of carry over to other genres. Leaf Dog is leading the way to making this alternative a mainstream.

The production is great as it is catchy, bouncy and keeps the energy flowing through the project. Each beat is individual and doesn’t get confused with each other and the use of different influences is clear on each one. None of these fit any mainstream formula which shows that not all artists are in rap to be in the public eye and that their integrity is important to them.

The lyricism is very interesting with great wordplay, but a flow that can sometimes become stale. The actual rhymes are fantastic with a lot of imagery and similes, but the way Leaf Dog seems to go to the same rhythm and without a lot of variation in flow. Pushing himself a little out of his comfort zone could go a long way.

The features are good but don’t provide a lot of diversity in their performance. They do a good job of fleshing out their verses, but sound similar to Leaf Dog, apart from the last song, so it can be difficult to separate them out. Something further from his comfort zone, once again, could add some more edge to the album.

Overall, this is an enjoyable release that is entertaining to listen through. It is not breaking any boundaries, but it is leading alternative rap out into the wider audience a little more.

Burgundy Blood – Suede Comet Review

This is an album filled with haunting sounds and dark lyrics. Burgundy Blood lives up to his name with this horrorcore Hip Hop album that is something different that takes the ears by surprise.

The production is full of sounds and noises that create an atmosphere that draws you in and feels like it is crushing you while you enjoy it. Each track does a great job of utilising exactly what the song needs to keep its haunting feeling while Burgundy Blood raps over it. Some more tracks with a more uplifting feeling may show that Burgundy Blood can be effective over all types of beats but that may not be in keeping with his style.

The lyricism is average but fits in well with what each track is saying. Burgundy Blood use metaphors very well and a few other lyrical devices but can not use a majority to really show his lyrical superiority. Filling his raps with more versatile rap techniques would make a better album.

The features are all good and put in some good efforts, but with some being used on several tracks, they can lose some of thier wow factor and become somewhat repetitive. If Burgundy Blood used some more varied features, it could create some more interesting tracks.

Overall, this is an album designed to be somber and a little scary. If that is what your in the mood for, then this is the album for you. Burgundy Blood could be an up and comer to watch if your a fan of the scarier side of Hip Hop.