Big K.R.I.T – All My Life Review

This album has a lot of what K.R.I.T has done before but with renewed vidor and energy. While there are a lot of comparison to previous projects, there are definately some fresher attempts to make the songs appealing to listeners.

The production is great with a lot of more traditional instruements  used to give this a smoother ride and more of an easy listening appeal. There are plenty of good beats for K.R.I.T to use with plenty of scope for content. Maybe some more varied backings could show more of a universal appeal for K.R.I.T but he does well over what he has chosen here/

The lyricism is good but does not seem as complex as it could be. It does not seem like the actual rhymes had too much thought and the focus is on the message which gets lost in the production. Some more focus on lyrical complexity could go a long way.

The features do well in adding another dimension to the project. Each bring s aoog verse to the projhect but does not propel the track they are on as intended. Maybe some more varied styles of rapper could have created some more interesting moments.

Overall, this project has some great moments but they are few and far between. K.R.I.T may need ot look into changing his formula if he wants to bring in a larger audiance.

Rick Ross – Hood Billionaire Review

This is not a good album. Each track is boring and only gets anyone’s attention by repetition of boring choruses that get stuck in the listeners head. The tracks are all very similar with generic content and it does not make for a good listen.

The production is heavy going and reverberate deep into the brain without being stimulating or enjoyable. All the tracks follow the same formula and if it wasn’t for Rick Ross shouting over the top of it, it wouldn’t twig anyone’s attention. In fact, it may be avoided in such high doses.

The lyricism is terrible. While Ross has the ability to rap, he does a terrible job at attracting any Hip Hop audience that may want to hear lyricism. That being said, he can paint a picture but these moments are far apart on the project and cant make up for the short falls.

The features don’t fit well with the project, the exception being Big K.R.I.T. Whatever track they feature on, they blend too much into the backing beat and Rick Ross’ own style. Big K.R.I.T should be praised for maintaining his individuality so well on his feature, sounding different and bringing a very refreshing relief to the whole project.

Overall, this album has a lot of areas of improvement and to say you enjoyed the whole project means you enjoy only type of song and you like to hear it over and over. Rick Ross has a lot to prove if he wants to stay eve close to Hip Hop elites.

Big K.R.I.T – Cadillactica Review

This album is a gentle, easy going but thought provoking trip through the mind of Big K.R.I.T. This obviously explores a wide range of topics but without the project feeling to jagged and uncomfortable to listen to. In fact it is surprisingly cohesive for a non concept album. This is very easy to listen to all the way through.

The production is fantastic. Big K.R.I.T has used his ears as a producer very well to craft an album that is almost seamless in transitions between tracks. Individual tracks are smooth and sound like they are being played by real instruments, even if they aren’t. Its refreshing to hear.

The lyricism may not be the most complex but it is perfect for the production, the message and to tell the story on each track. Big K.R.I.T’s signature tone and flow make him very easy to discern from any other voices on the tracks. He also weaves together ideas and anecdotes to help explore the ideas he brings up in his tracks.

The features are good and only help to explore the ideas on each track. K.R.I.T stays the main focus of each track, but with someone to help re-enforce or offer a different opinion on each base idea, it helps get the brain juices flowing and the listener thinking about what K.R.I.T is rapping about.

Overall, this is a great album for just kicking back and relaxing to, thanks to the production, or to really ponder over, thanks to the contents, but there is something here for everyone to enjoy and is definitely worth a spin for any listener.